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Welcome to Ste. Anne’s Spa, the place people come to relax, unwind and eat as much delicious food as you possibly can.

I have been dreaming about returning to Ste. Anne’s Spa ever since my Mom and I had the opportunity to enjoy this spa resort. It’s one of those places that you can completely let go of any stress, recoup on sleep, and allow yourself to be completely pampered. If you’d heard that everyone walks around in robes and sleeps on couches at Ste Anne’s Spa, it’s all completely true. It’s fantastic!

My Mom and I arrived around lunch and sat down to a beautiful meal as we gazed out through the windows to Ste. Annes breathtaking property. We enjoyed fish, sandwiches and soup and most definitely the BEST chocolate tart I have ever eaten. After filling up, we enjoyed the spa and I relaxed with a traditional European massage and my mother enjoyed a skin nourishing treatment. Almost ready for a nap, we walked from our treatments (in robes) to our high tea for two. We drank tea, ate some delicious treats and talked about my little ones and how nice it will to bring Ella and Mia for a girls weekend someday.

After tea, I took a little rest while my mom enjoyed the spas and eucalyptus steam room. The room we stayed in was like a home away from home with our own stone fireplace that we used before bed. There was a beautiful soaker tub and stone shower that I took advantage of, I probably had 2 showers & baths a day only because when I’m at home with the kids I’m lucky if I get 1 of either! Lol! It was a nice treat.

At dinner we walked down (in our robes) to the dining area where we were served the most tender duck and delectable creme brûlée. If you have a favourite bottle of wine, make sure to bring it. Ste. Anne’s will cork it for you and you can enjoy it during your stay.

Ste. Anne’s is full of pleasant surprises, we took a stroll down the road to visit their beautiful horses and to stop by the bakery they have off site. At the bakery, we were delighted to find the chocolate tarts we had been raving about and ended up buying 4 for the way home.

Thank you Ste. Anne’s Spa for the wonderful stay, we will be back again soon, I assure you! 🙂

Suzanne Toth

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