On Your 9th Birthday



Owen, to know you is to love you.

You are funny, sarcastic at times, you surprise me with how understanding and compassionate you are at such an early age. Your heart is bigger than your head and you have kind eyes like your great grandpa. You have always been easy and have always made me look good.

You don’t need me as much as you used to and it makes me a little sad but what I do love is when you still want me to tuck you in at night. After I do, you stop me before I close your bedroom door, a good 5 times to ask me questions. Is it too much to ask for you to do this a while longer? I sure will miss it.

You have my heart my sweet boy.

Wishing you all the happiness on your 9th Birthday!

Love always,

Mommy, Daddy, Ella and Mia. xx0x0x0x0

Fall looks with Zara Canada

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The seasons are changing and so are these sweet babes…

At almost 3 years old, Ella hates mosquitoes, Santa and reminds me of this daily. She is a princess who loves dresses and loves to have her nails painted. She is still miss independent and is the leader of the 3.  She has an appetite like mommy and gets excited to go grocery shopping. She’s still a mommy’s girl, gives me an endless amount of hugs and kisses, wraps her arms around me to tell me she’s loves me, and I hope our special bond will stay this way forever.

At 18 months, Mia adores Ella and she’s the first person she asks for in the morning. She is the earliest talker out of my babies and has been putting words together since 16 months. I tell her to stop growing so fast and that she’s supposed to be my baby forever. Mia always has a sparkle in her eye, the longest lashes I’ve ever seen and will warm you with her smile. She’s also a mommy’s girl and if one of the others is taking up too much of my time she will try and push them away then sit on me. Lol

These two keep me on my toes, they make me laugh even when they are getting in to trouble and they make my heart melt every time I look at them. As the seasons change, as they grow… I’m so happy they have each other and I’m so lucky they are mine.

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MUA by Amanda Jahn 


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