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Behind every great woman is a great woman!  I’m so honoured that these incredible women will be the monthly contributors to my blog Mostly A Mother! They are women I have come to admire for their hard work, inspiration to others and passion for what they do. Below is a short and sweet introduction for now. In no particular order, meet my incredible team! 🙂

Noelle Martin is a Registered Dietitian with a Master of Science in Foods and Nutrition and a mom of three young boys. Noelle is founder and president of Registered Dietitian Services and Motherhood and Meals, and co-founder of Nourished Beginnings. Noelle has a passion for educating and inspiring others in areas related to nutrition and overall health. Noelle specialized in areas of maternal and pediatric nutrition, sports nutrition, Celiac Disease, food allergies, and Autism. Noelle completed a comprehensive dietetic internship at London Health Sciences Center and has her Master of Science in Foods and Nutrition from Brescia University College in London, Ontario. She has enjoyed a variety of employment opportunities within the dietetic field in clinical and community settings, as well as research and administrative roles. Noelle is registered with the College of Dietitians of Ontario, is an active member of Dietitians of Canada, and regularly attends at workshops and seminars relating to her practice. In addition to her work in counselling and corporate presentations and workshops, Noelle thoroughly enjoys teaching courses at Brescia University College and has an active Instagram feed and blog dedicated to educating and inspiring moms to make healthy choices for themselves and their families in addition to sharing moments of motherhood, products, and travel destinations she loves. You can find Noelle at,, and

Sunshine (real name) wears many hats! She’s a wifey, Human Resources professional, twin mom, community member, blogger, social media hustler and she is self taught in the areas of photography, video and editing.

A natural extrovert, upon meeting Sunshine she really lives up to her name. She loves meeting people whether in person or virtually and really thrives on strong relationships and community.Drop her a line, give her a buzz or just reach out to say hi!

Email: Instagram: @Shinelily

Roslyn Costanzo is a wardrobe consultant, freelance writer, and the blogger behind Style Forage. A shopaholic on a shoestring, one of her greatest pleasures in life is being able to tell someone when and where something they’re looking for is on sale, was on sale, or is going to be, on sale!

Roslyn lives in Dundas, Ontario with her husband and her two little redheaded kids, Viggo and Gigi.

Email: @styleforage

Patricia Oslizlo, the mama behind and the designer behind @detailsrenovation design. From London, Ontario where she lives with her husband Luke, her two amazing girls Scarlett and Lennon, their fur baby Frannie. Luke and Patricia started their business Details Renovation and Design in 2013 and have been designing, flipping, renovating, and building homes ever since. A few fun facts about Patricia: Joanna Gaines is her lady-crush, she’s a total foodie and can beat anyone in an eating challenge, she’s a dog lover, self-care and mental health advocate, and of course she’s obsessed with all things home design and decor. She’s so thrilled to be a part of the awesome group of ladies contributing to Mostly a Mother and can’t wait to share with you!

Meet Jordan Porteous,  a wife and a mom to 5 beautiful babes, 4 girls and 1 lucky boy! Her health journey began with nutrition and quickly turned into a holistic approach to living. She believes our bodies have an incredible ability to heal themselves if given the support they need. Jordan is super passionate about teaching people how to replace the toxins in their lives and their homes with more natural solutions and how to truly thrive from the inside out! Instagram: @westannawellness

Andrea is a pre and postnatal personal training specialist in the London, Ontario area and also the owner and founder of ANDFIT Training Studio. Her goal is for women to feel empowered physically and mentally at the studio and feel welcomed into the ANDFIT community. Andrea is a mom of two and loves to share her passion on all things fitness, food and family life. Instagram: @and_fit


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