Our stay at Viamede Resort



















When we were invited to spend a weekend at Viamede Resort we were thrilled to explore a new place as a family but we had no idea we would love it so much that we would want to make it a yearly getaway. It really felt like a home away from home. For a weekend, all electronics were put away (except for mine to document our trip) we were captured by the beautiful scenery and having fun playing outdoors, you simply don’t need them. Rick and I have often talked about how when we were growing up we played outdoors until it was dark and we were asked to come inside. That simply doesn’t happen anymore. The kids had so much fun thats exactly what we did, stayed out all night ( even Ella) playing on the beach or ending our night by the fire, Rick and I even felt like kids again.

During the days we would play on the beach, take turns with Owen in the canoe, we swam in the pool,  played frisbee golf with the kids, played at the playgrounds and in the recreational centre. They have a great fitness facility that you can use as well as saunas, you really have everything you need, including some AMAZING food. We enjoyed a big breakfast each day which included croissants, pancakes, sausage, fruit… there was so much to choose from and the BEST bacon I have ever eaten. I’m not even a huge bacon fan, but this was very good. We ate lunch and dinner at the boathouse where they had a variety of dishes, my favourite was their cheese board and they had a homemade squash soup that was SO delicious! Ricks Favourite was the Fish and Chips and Owens the pasta. Ella liked everything, and eats so much, I don’t know where she puts it all.

One evening I had a dinner to myself at Mount Julien. Mount Julien is a fine dining restaurant they have onsite and although I had to miss out on all the wine pairings being pregnant and all 😉 it was a really lovely place I would love to take Rick to. I enjoyed a 7 course meal, with my favourites being buffalo cheese, salmon and tender beef dish. I only had a small bite of the salmon as I do not recommend eating smoked salmon during pregnancy but I wanted to feature it as it was delicious, I brought the rest home for my hubby. 🙂

Viamede Resort would be a perfect place to take your family but also would be a great spot for a couples getaway, a weekend away with friends or somewhere to spend an anniversary. We actually met a wonderful couple by the fire one night who were celebrating their first year of marriage.

We can’t wait to go back next year, and we are already planning our trip with some friends and their kids.

Big THANK YOU to Viamede Resort for having us!


The Perfect Gift

Fashion, Motherhood

When JORD wood watches approached me to promote a watch from their line, I looked through all of their womens and mens watches and as much as I would have loved one for myself, I knew this would be a perfect gift that I could give to Rick. Rick loves anything uniquely different from the rest and it was sort of a win-win as I was in the market for a gift for my hubby. I wanted to give him a little “thank you” gift for everything that he does for me and our family– he is our rock and shows us how much he loves us each day, we never go unloved. He is amazing!

We searched through their mens line and quickly found one that stood out to him. When the watch arrived, it was perfectly packaged, you can tell the thought JORD puts in to every detail of their products.





You can find Ricks JORD watch here and a few other mens watches that we liked… here, here and here.

A few womens watches that I love.. here, here and here.

JORD is also running a contest for one lucky winner to receive a $75 e-gift certificate to their store, you can enter here, and just for entering, you will automatically receive a $20 e-gift card sent right to your email.