West 26 Salon and Spa

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The peace, quiet and relaxation you’ll find at West 26 Salon and Spa is ideal for those who want a break from it all. With my life being hectic these days—preparing for our new baby’s arrival, launching another business and being a mom and wife—I was exhausted and in total need of rest.

West 26 Salon and Spa was the perfect place for the break I needed! Clients are welcomed to come as they are, even straight from work, shower if they wish and take the time to enjoy their preferred service. As spa owner and aesthetician, the message was clear, the welcome sincere; Alaina wants you to feel at home.

Alaina treated me to a spa manicure and pedicure along with a spa facial and relaxation massage catering to my needs as a pregnant mama. The services that she provided were above anything I have yet received here in London. The absolutely best facial I’ve had to date and my skin actually glowed for a week!

Being a dermalogical specialist, Alaina also educated me on different products that I could add to my skin care regimen. Her friendly advice and services were incomparable. I know you will be impressed with her services just as much as I have been.

As Valentines Day approaches, Alaina wants to do something special for all of you. She is offering a spa manicure, pedicure and customized dermalogical facial (all of my favourites!!) for only $115! This promotion is only available during the month of February, so whether it is for your loved one or yourself, this is the time to purchase a gift certificate. Just stop by the Spa or call and make your booking.

Spa Services

Alaina : 519-318-4473

Thank you, Alaina, for the wonderful and much needed time and treat for myself. I can’t wait for my next visit to West 26 Salon and Spa! 🙂

Baby Ella's Room Reveal

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Moving Ella to her big girl room was exciting and yet had me thinking of how fast this past year has flown by! What a pleasure it has been to get to know my beautiful not-so-baby girl Ella, to admire her budding personality and to adore her 101 expressions. This project was a lot of fun for me and I think Ella had a good time watching her Mommy decorate a big girl room just for her.

When decorating Ella’s room, I wanted to let her personality shine through. She is very much a girly girl and always points to her dresses so I thought it would be perfect to decorate with the very things she loves. I hung her little wedding gown on the wall along with her shoes and flower crown for decoration and displayed some of her lovely headpieces made by Little Lush Boutique from her 1st birthday and another one she wore to our wedding. On an accent shelf I have displayed her special bracelet handmade by Kim Smiley.

I knew a reading nook was a must for Ella’s room as she is always “reading” her books and now has quite the collection. She will pull out different books to read each day and sit and flip through pages with a lot of “ooouuu!” and “ahhhh!” and all her cute little baby babble. It is wonderful to see what a kick she gets out of her books. 🙂 I found the canopy from Bed Bath and Beyond, the rug and the decorative pillows from HomeSense. This little nook has been a comfortable spot we have made use of everyday.

Behind Ella’s crib, my brother offered to paint an accent wall for Ella and then we placed a piece of art I found at HomeSense above her crib. I wanted to keep it simple! For the final touches I found a perfect sized chandelier from Ikea that has beautiful hanging crystals. Every morning when I come in to get her from her crib, it’s the first thing she points to. I also found bed sheets and a comforter from Ikea **Note, for safety reasons, I only have the comforter in her crib for the photos.** I’m still going to save it for when she’s a bit bigger but when I saw it I knew it would work well with the colours of her room. 🙂 The white blanket hanging over her crib is from HomeSense and also just there for the post.

As you can see from the photos, Ella is pretty proud of her new big girl room. All I needed was to see her big dimpled smile and I knew I had it right. She warms my heart! 🙂

I hope you all enjoyed watching her big girl room unfold. I can’t wait to get started on our next decorating project! I think our Master is the next on the list! 🙂


X0X0 Suzanne