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Morning and happy Sunday! 🙂

I put some of this info in my stories yesterday because I’m always getting questions from people who are interested in blogging or just starting their blogging adventure so I thought I’d create a blog post for you too. Easier to refer back to since those stories only last for 24hr. 😉

So typically how it works is that I will receive an offer from a company. If I agree/believe in the service or product then they would send me a contract outlining the promotion details. This would usually include me writing a blog post, doing instagram stories and a instagram post for x amount of dollars.

If I am the one reaching out, then I will ask for their PR contact and send that person my media kit. Media kits are almost always asked for and you can create one online using a template like the ones found here.

When you’re just starting out I think the best thing to do is create as much content as you can even if you are trading for product. Once you have some good content and blogs to add in to your media kit then you’ll be on your way to making some money! 🙂

Instagram has been the greatest tool in my success as a blogger and social media influencer. They both are necessary though in my opinion, to have a blog + an instagram feed. The companies that are paying me good money always want a blog post. Good clear photos do make a good first impression and for companies I almost always get a professional photographer for the shoot. Unless we are travelling for a blog, we do those on our own. The companies in my experience won’t cover the cost of your photographer but you can add that cost in to whatever you want to charge for the promotion. Also, some photographers are willing to collaborate. in the Photos you see above, I worked with Yellow Brick Road Photography on a project for Tempur Pedic and just made sure Tempur Pedic Canada tagged them in the photos.

I’m off to my Grandmas Birthday Party now but I will write some more tips soon!! Hope you all enjoyed your weekend! 🙂


Suzanne Toth

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