Thomas Waite of The In Home Chef crashes our unpacking party

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I was hoping to have some before and after photos by now but unpacking, organizing and decorating a house with babies is taking a bit more time then expected. :/ It’ll get there…until then, here are some photos from our “Unpacking Party” featuring food from Thomas Waite, Chef and owner of The In Home Chef. He surprised our family and friends by dropping off some yummy food, treats and smoothies for us to enjoy and to keep our helpers happy!

Thomas has to be one of my favourite chefs because he has the biggest heart! If you haven’t had the pleasure of eating his food at one of his catered events, you may have sampled some of his dishes at model home openings and charity events. He also puts on cooking classes and it just so happens he will be putting together a cooking class for myself and my little dinner group I’ve put together here in London! 🙂 There is still time to join in on the fun if you’re interested! 🙂

Little by little things are slowly coming together over here. We are so in love with this area, the neighbours, the bakery, the parks and trails!! If we ever move again, it would be to a bigger lot, but same area. I can’t even imagine moving again after all of this, and we may need more helpers… at least I’ll know where to get the food if we do. 🙂

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