Something new for Valentines Day


I wanted to do something special with Baby Be Mine Natural Coconut Bath gift sets for Valentine’s day and I found the perfect candles by AIJA Décor to add a touch of romance. The candles are handmade in London ON with the floral scent of rose to make this the perfect limited addition. I know whomever your gift sets are going to, they will absolutely feel loved!

I am so grateful for everyone who has supported me and given me the chance to follow a dream of mine. I’m proud of what I have done in a year and that my kids could see their mother (especially Owen) work hard and really go for it despite challenges.

Thinking back to the first time promoting Baby Be Mine Natural Coconut Bath was at The Modern Mom show and my son was so proud of me. He asked me after the show if he could buy a gift set from me. My response was that he didn’t need to spend his money on me. His response was that he knew he didn’t have to but that he wanted to. Just that is enough to make this all worth while. It also makes this momma want to cry because of his big heart.

Biggest thank you everyone!

x0 Suzanne

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***Beautiful promotional photos for Baby Be Mine by the talented London Photographer Kendal Hunt.



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