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I used to juice for the kids and I all of the time and I’m excited to get back in to it because we’ve been sick since school started. Its been awful! Cross your fingers for us that this extra bit of nutrients  will throw our systems in to germ fighters and we will NEVER be sick again. 😉

I don’t really measure when I’m making juice for the kids and I but I’d say the bulk of the juice is made with orange and apples. If I’m making it for the kids, I will throw in kale or spinach. If I’m making it for myself, I will add kale, ginger and lemon. I often sprinkle the top of mine with turmeric.

Another juice the kids and I enjoy is a mixture of carrot, orange, and a little lemon. At the end, I’ll always throw in a little ginger and turmeric for mine.

When celery isn’t too pricey ( thank goodness those prices went down) I will often throw that in as well. You really can’t go wrong when making juice for your family, try choosing fruits and veggies that are of  different colours, I always think thats a good rule to go by.

If you’re shopping for Christmas presents already, the Big Mouth Juicer by Hamilton Beach is simple to use, easy to clean, and you can spend less time prepping your fruits and vegetable because of the wide chute. I also find that there is less peel and rind left over so its getting the most juice out of your produce.

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