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Christmas is almost here and we are celebrating different stages of Christmas with the kiddos. We have little Mia who will be celebrating her first Christmas. Ella, who talks about Santa on the daily but is completely terrified when she sees him in person and Owen who’s starting to question whether or not  good ol saint nic is real. He asked me last year if Santa exists and not expecting this question to come so soon, I don’t think I said a word for a good 3 minutes. After a long pause, I simply replied: “I absolutely believe that his spirit is real” and it ended there.

The love and laughter that this holiday brings makes it my favourite time of year. It’s a time that we have to spend as a family, we eat far too much food and I get to enjoy my moms top secret/super awesome/won’t tell anyone the recipe “adult” eggnog. It’s the best!

Roots Canada has undoubtedly been a part of our gift giving over Christmas and growing up, their clothing would be first on my wish list. Besides loving Roots for its comfort and style, Roots is a company that does its part to be environmentally responsible. Roots uses oraganic cottons, recycled cottons, recycled polyesters and  sustainable fabrics such as wools, bamboo, hemp and soy. It’s a brand that we love and that will last you for years and years to come!

Wishing you all a very special holiday season!

x0x The Toth-Reaume Family

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