Packing for baby #3! :)


Packing for baby has been one of my favourite moments of pregnancy! Since this is our last piece to the puzzle- I’m adding in a couple more keepsake items like a take me home outfit from Little Lush Boutique for the new baby and a matching ensemble for Ella. 🙂 Also, this amazing new diaper bag from Lily Jade. What I love most about this bag is that the inside liner comes out for easy cleaning!! I cant tell you how handy this will be when my milk or formula leaks in to my bag -it happens more than I’d like. Its also light weight and super stylish. I’m in love! 🙂 !!

Below are the basics, you can add or remove some of the comfort measures but I feel they are great to have on hand as you never know what you may like/dislike during labor.

Here is what I’ve packed in my hospital bag:

Health card & medical insurance card
Paper work from my care provider
Birth Plan
Nightgown & T-shirt for labor
Slippers & Flip Flops
Massage & Heating Pads
Bikini for the shower or bathtub
Picture of my family to use as a focal point
Flameless candles for relaxation
Lip balm
Tennis ball for low back massage during labor
Change for vending machine & snacks for my labor coach
Loose and comfortable clothing for when I leave the hospital
3 comfortable pairs of underwear – NO THONGS
Nursing Bra
Nipple Cream
Breast Pads
Maternity Pads- The hospital will also provide you with these
Hair elastic
Cell phone and charger
iPod with speaker
Digital camera and extra battery
and here is what I’ve packed for our baby girl …

Sleep Belt- Not a necessity but I highly recommend them and I use the Sleep Belt in my Lamaze Childbirth Education Classes. They are great for hands free skin-to-skin support for mom and baby! (Learn more at
Hats (2)
Onesies (2-3)
Sleepers (2-3)
Socks (2)
Mits (2)
Receiving blanket (2)
Winter blanket
Newborn diapers- The hospital will also have these on hand
Baby wipes
Burp cloth
Baby Lotion

As a Childbirth Educator, I tell my parents-to-be to start packing for baby about 4 weeks before your expected due date, but if you are a planner and simply excited about your baby like I am then there is no harm in packing a little early! 🙂


Suzanne Toth

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