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Mia started sleeping through the night at 3 months of age. She would sleep from 9:30pm until 9am and I thought I had it made in the shade! I figured that eventually her bed time would get earlier and earlier and I didn’t mind her sleeping in because it gave me time in the morning to get the other two ready for the day.

When Mia was 5 or 6 months, I was proven wrong, she started staying up later and later and bedtime went from 9:30pm, to 10:30pm to eventually 12am when she would finally be ready for bed. For two months, I stayed up with her watching TV and I was convinced she just wanted some mommy alone time. I was falling behind on work, falling behind on cleaning and time with my husband because as soon as she was in bed, I was next to close by eyes. Finally, after too many long nights I reached out to the experts.

We started our program with WeeSleep, shared our concerns and gave them a detailed look at our schedule. We were then given tools to set us up for the best outcome and I’m happy to say it was a success! We are all getting sleep over here! Yay!

WeeSleep suggested setting up her bedroom for a good nights rest and a few things that we had not purchased with the other two were a sleep sound machine, sleep buddy and a sleepsac. I so wish I would have had all of these with my other babes. The sleepsac gives me total peace of mind that she’s not caught up in her blanket and keeps her cozy at night. The sound machine blocks out noise from the other two kiddos and helps her fall back to sleep with the white noise in the background. I use her sleep buddy to kiss her cheeks every night and gives her something to cuddle when she wakes up. We ordered a Conair sleep machine from Amazon which can be found here. Its small, light and portable and will stay on all night long. I purchased wayyyy too many sleep sacs before finding one at HomeSense. It’s by Bebe au Lait and you can find it here. Its my favorite because it’s double lined with a lightweight fabric that’s similar to her organic swaddles. I also found her little buddy at HomeSense 🙂

After setting up her room for a good nights rest, we started on our sleep plan with WeeSleep. I wont lie to you, the first two days are painful. I remember 7 days in of sleep training I told Rick that if this doesn’t work, I’m just going to have to let her stay up until midnight because I cant take seeing her upset. Luckily for us, each day was better than the last and every night was an improvement from the last and that’s what kept us going.

Our bedtime routine is something now that I look forward to. I start our routine at 7pm and shes in bed for 7:45pm. This is the time that worked best for our family and might not be best for everyone else. Best to figure this one out with your sleep expert. At 7pm, we start with a bath and it’s probably my favorite time of day because she loves the water and I love seeing her so happy. After bath, I spend time with just her and I in her room reading books before I put her to bed.

My advice to you is if you are struggling at all with sleepless nights, talk to a consultant. I’m not guaranteeing it will work but after two months of staying up until 12am with Mia, my only wish is that I had done this sooner.

Wishing you all a good nights rest. X0x0


Suzanne Toth

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