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Thank you for your patience with this one as healing from the treatment continues to improve 2-7 weeks post-treatment. I wanted to make sure I felt all the benefits from my sessions at UROSPOT to give you the most honest review.

From the very beginning, I felt like I was walking into a home. A nonjudgmental safe place. Erin talked me through the process, played with little Mia and then I spoke with a nurse about what my main concerns were, she asked me a series of questions to determine if I was a fit for the technology, and she gave me a great education on all things pelvic floor. My main concerns were night waking to go to the washroom and every time I got in to the car. I then began my treatment.

The next part I will share is absolutely shocking to me because after my second session, I had stopped going to the washroom during the night. I told them I had woken up, went to go to the washroom as usual and realized I didn’t have to go and went back to bed. This is hugeee for me because I was going 3 or 4 times a night.

Continuing on with the process, I started to receive so many message from you all, asking questions, and telling me your concerns. A lot of girls my age (33yrs old) wearing liners daily and especially when they go to the gym because they would leak. Some of you sharing how your issues have been hurting your sex life, your confidence, no one talks about this stuff! I became immediately grateful that I was able to share this with you. Below are some of the ways UROSPOT can help you.


strengthen a weakened pelvic floor

postpartum strengthening of the pelvic floor

bladder leaks

overactive bladder

sleeping through the night

frequent urge to pee

stabilizing a prolapsed organ or preventing a prolapsed organ (very important as it happens to 50% of women over 50) – this is when your bladder, bowel or uterus “fall” into your vagina – at the worst stage, the organ becomes external.  At an early stage it feels like a heaviness inside your pelvic area.

Bowel incontinence – uncontrollable leaking from your bowels.

Improve ability to exercise as your pelvic floor is the base of your core.

stronger orgasm – greater sensation during sex

have trouble remembering to do kegels

improvement in their quality of life.


is a great option for men with bladder leaks caused by pelvic floor dysfunction.

Specifically, men who have had a radical prostatectomy.

Can improve erectile dysfunction also.

During your 28 minute session you will sit on the ” Throne” as they refer to it and experience 11,000 Kegels fully clothed. I typically had to bring Mia with me and they welcomed that. I would turn on her favourite show on Netflix, I’d sit down and get my kegels done that I would not otherwise do. I’m definitely one of those women who goes non stop until about 9pm, it is very easy for me to forget to do kegels. This made it easy for me.

After your sessions are complete, expect to continue to notice results as the weeks progress. Most women come in for a maintenance session every 4 months and I have already booked mine!

Thanks again UROSPOT for having me in! I’m even more grateful that we are discussing this topic because often people are embarrassed to bring up. Please feel free to msg me with any questions!

You can also call in to UROSPOT for a free consultation.

Telephone: 519-453-4444

Suzanne Toth

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