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We have been so busy lately that all I want to do this Valentines Day is cook some delicious food, put on a movie and curl up with my hubby and kiddos. I will still dress up of course 😉 Little Ella loves dressing up and I love doing anything to make her happy. She’ll have me put on one of her fancy outfits and paint her toes. Ella’s definitely a girly girl! I don’t think my husband will mind if I dress up either, each dress he loved.

TOBI made picking out my “little red dress looks” very easy with the endless options they offer.

The first dress is fun and I’d wear it for a night out with friends or date night! 🙂 I would also wear it with a long black cardigan to dress it down. It’s surprisngly comfortable, I really love it! Shop this one here.

The second flowy dress is my favourite. I wore it to Toronto this week and it was a hit. The flowyness will let me eat as many Valentines Day treats as I want 😉 This dress will also walk you right in to the summer months, definitely one you can wear year round. Shop this one here.

The last lace dress is elegant and has a nude dress underlining. You can wear it for any special occasion and it’s my hubby’s favourite of the three. Shop this one here.

Whatever you get up to this Valentines Day, make sure you don’t forget to treat yourself too. Maybe treat yourself to a dress… or two.. or three… 😉




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