Our Holiday Gift Guide!


With Christmas just around the corner I thought I would put together our holiday gift guide! Below you will find our wish lists and  the answers to what YOU want for Christmas from my Instagram stories yesterday. A while back I also asked what teachers would appreciate for Christmas and I have the top responses below as well. 🙂

Lets start with the Teachers! I am so appreciative to Owen and Ellas teacher’s for making this year such a success so far. With Ella, they really have gone an extra mile to help with the transition, even playing games with her so that she eats some of her lunch. Top answers from teachers on what they wouldn’t mind receiving as gifts are:

  1. Amazon gift card! This was the top answer.
  2. Dollarama gift card or craft store where they can spend money on school supplies.
  3. LCBO gift card.
  4. Starbucks or Timmies gift card.

We also like to drop off a box of chocolates to the secretaries. x0

Ella and Mia’s wish list:

The girls got spoiled early this year with toys from leap frog/VTECH! I can attest that the toys are tried, tested and loved!

  1. Leapfrog Scoop & Learn Ice Cream Cart. This is the toy that gets played with the most often! It gets brought in to every room and they play with it every single day. Such a hit!
  2. Leapfrog Magical Unicorn. This interactive unicorn is perfect for my little fashionista Ella! She can change the colour of makeup for the unicorn, she can sing with her and put clips in her hair. Mia plays with her too whenever she can.
  3. Leapfrog Roadmaster GO GO Train set. Mia lovessss this train set! The train tugs around the tracks on its own, stops for  gas and to pick up its delivery. We both take turns trying to unload the delivery in to the train at the perfect time.

What I love most about Leapfrog/Vtech toys is that they are educational and interactive in some way. All three I would recommend to add to your child’s wish list!

Other things the girls have asked for are princesses and a barbie car.

Owen’s wish list:

  1. Roblox gift cards
  2. Keyboard with USB
  3. LOGIC – this is a program for composing music
  4. Basketball
  5. New computer

Owen is really in to DJ-ing and composing music so most of those are connected to that! 🙂

For Mr. Max– We bought him his favourite liver dog treats, dog toys and the kids were really in to buying him a dog blanket. They all have their favourite blankets and now he will too. 🙂 I thought that was pretty cute!

My wish list…. So I sort of already bought myself some gifts just because of timing of things but here are some things I purchased for myself.

  1. Renewed my membership to Photoshop
  2. The Haven Healing co. This is a self Healing & Release course. I have been really enjoying it so far and it has been so helpful to me the last few weeks. There is a weekly live call, you listen to speakers, meditate… Its honestly so good and all about healing. I’m sure she will be doing another one again.If you’re interested, send her a msg and she would be happy to help, I’m positive of that.
  3. Melissa Wood Work Out with Me program. I wanted to try something new and this program you can do in the comfort of your home. I just signed up this past week so I don’t have much to say about it yet but if you follow her on Instagram I’m sure you find her just as inspiring as I do. Theres online workouts and flow meditation. I can’t wait to dive in! 🙂
  4. ANDFIT membership! Andrea’s classes are great because if you have a little one at home, you can pack them up and bring them with you! She offers a variety of classes in studio, outdoor stroller, and an online programs. Plus, she’s one of my favourite gals in the world! If you’re local, definitely one to add to your list. You won’t regret it. x0

A lot of my gifts to myself have to do with self-care. The only things I may add are a few books, a spa gift card and perhaps I’ll treat myself to new earrings. We will see. 🙂

I’m all about sharing experiences too instead of things. My little family and I will be traveling to Mont Tremblant again for some skiing, good food and fun!

We went to GLOW Toronto which was a fun family outing and I think our next trip to Toronto will be to go to the Christmas market.

Going over the answers in my DM to what YOU really want for Christmas are below categorized by age group. These responses were from women only.

Ages 13-17

  1. Wireless Earbuds
  2. Vans
  3. Leggings
  4. Fairy Lights
  5. Face mask

Ages 18-24

  1. Sephora Gift Card
  2. Sherpa Jacket
  3. Electric Toothbrush
  4. Hydro Flask
  5. Olive and June Nail Polish
  6. Tati Palette

Ages 25-34

  1. ANDFIT Online Subscription and Studio Membership
  2. Coffee
  3. Spa treatments
  4. Gift Certificates for clothes, food and selfcare. Hair, nails, makeup.
  5. Coffee mugs
  6. Chocolate
  7. Wine
  8. Jewellery
  9. Blankets
  10. Sephora gift card

Ages 35-44

  1. Spa
  2. Sleep
  3. Relaxation
  4. Coffee
  5. Me time
  6. Non surgical treatments such as Botox
  7. Cocktail Shaker with Muddler
  8. ANDFIT Membership
  9. 14K gold Dermal roller @beautybybelita offers them

Ages 45+

  1. Amazon Gift Card
  2. 2. IPAD
  3. New computer
  4. Vacation somewhere warm
  5. Shoes
  6. Gift certificate


The responses below are from men ages 34+

  1. Gym Memership
  2. Comics
  3. Frames for Comics
  4. Playstation 4
  5. Shaver or Shaver Club Subscription
  6. Spotify/Amazon/Apple Music
  7. Smart Home Devices
  8. New TV


Hopefully this list helps!! BTW the kids are wearing Peekaboo Beans clothing and coats  in the photos above! This Canadian company didn’t skip on quality and the kids are enjoying the comfort of the pieces while I’m in love with the style! All of their pieces are so well priced, coordinate so well with each other, and wash well which is important to me! They have quickly become one of our favourite Canadian brands!


Happy Shopping Everyone! 🙂







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