Hello 2018, it’s nice to finally meet you!


Since Christmas, I have either been taking care of someone who is sick and/or sick myself so this post is a little overdue! It did give me the chance to take a break from blogging and to think of what I will be sharing over my blog this year.

Primarily, I have a women following of ages 13-65yrs+, that’s a pretty big range! Although most are in the age group of 18-44, I thought I would write a post that some of you may be able to relate to and share some of my experiences in the last 30yrs.

In your high school days

Hang out with friends, spend time with your family, go to concerts, live and be happy. Listen to your parents, even when you feel like they say NO to everything. You will both win from this in the end. A lot of the time I didn’t realise they were saving me from things that I didn’t need to experience just yet. Life will get real soon enough.

Be kind to others. I promise it doesn’t matter how popular you are, no one gets anywhere in life by being a bully.

Study hard! You need to study, show up to class and do well on your exams to get in to the school that you want. Even if you’re not sure what school or program that you want to get in to, it’s always good to leave every door open. If you’re interested in certain areas of work but need more info ask a guidance counsellor what courses you need to be accepted in to the program.

College/University years

Spend time with your friends, go on dates, and visit family. Party (but not too hard), travel often and go to as many concerts are you can, music is good for the soul. Life will get real veryyy soon.

If you start a program finish it. This is what I didn’t do which I wish I would have done. My Mother bought me a townhouse, paid for my school and books and I wasted a gross amount of my tuition fund “trying out” different programs. I wasn’t exactly sure what I wanted to do so I kept switching from this to that, it was a complete waste of time and money.  I could have worked as a nurse or dental hygienist (I could go on and on) until I figured it out.

When things get real

Be nice to the young mom. I was the first to have a child out of my friends when my ex and I had Owen. As much as my life was moving forward and everything was so exciting for me, no one else around me was settling down or having kids yet. I would go to the park, try to talk to other moms that weren’t much older than me but I had a hard time making new mom friends and no one seemed to want to continue a conversation. It was realllllly hard because I could have used someone to talk to and say, “I am struggling with breast feeding” or “My whole life now revolves around naps and feedings”. It was lonely. BTW if you are that new mom, consider me your new mom friend and you can email me whenever you need to!

Enjoy your baby because it does go by all too fast and its OK if your life isn’t the same anymore. Once I gave up on breastfeeding and went to formula, it got much easier. I now had less stress and more time to enjoy other things in my life because I wasn’t trying to pump while he was sleeping. I started to slip in to my new role and loved it. I started to enjoy my time at home and didn’t mind not making it out for every girl’s night. I remember my first birthday after Owen was born, my girlfriends all came over. We went out for a drink, I talked about Owen the whole time and I came home to him. I loved it!! I was so thankful that my friends made the time for me in my new life as Owen’s mama.

Give your heart to someone who loves your good, your bad and your ugly. Someone who loves you just as much dolled up as when you’re in a t-shirt with no makeup on. Someone who you don’t have to impress all the time and someone who always makes you feel loved. Someone who you argue well with, and by this I mean you get over disagreements so quick you forget what you were even arguing about. Someone you go to bed with every night knowing no matter what they will always be on your side.

Maybe some of these things are obvious to some, but my hope is to reach someone who it may not be so obvious to. I would be very happy if all of you reading this shared something that life has taught you so far that might help someone else. I think 2018 should be the year that we all love each other a little bit more. What do you think? Happy 2018 🙂


Suzanne Toth

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