Florida here we come!


Since I’ve done a packing for Florida blog a few times now ( last one with packing list click here 🙂 ) I thought I’d make this one short and sweet. When it comes to packing for myself and the kids, I  always over pack. This time, I definitely made an effort to pack less and remind myself we have a laundry room there if need be. I have found that for the most part we are just hanging around in our bathing suits anyways. A couple new suits from Swimco, a few play clothes and a couple nicer outfits for dinners out is all we really need. I love the dress above by PinkBlush its perfect for going for a stroll, out for lunch, the colours scream summer! I love it! The girls and I were sent the beautiful activewear outfits above from one of our favourite companies Jill Yoga. These spring/summer inspired pieces are perfect for travelling, and playing under the sun! Jill yoga also just came out with bathing suits! Way too cute! 🙂

New to my packing list are Doterra Oils. This post is not at all sponsored by them, I just genuinely love using them. ZenGest I use for upset tummies, Terrashield is a good bug spray, the Bergamot I find the best to help in a stressful situation and OnGuard to keep us healthy while away.

Also new to my list are products sent to me from Jules Baskets! Jule’s sent me Farm to Face Vegan sunscreen, Coola body sunscreen, and Everybody Loves the Sunshine tanning oil. Really excited to try these products, and I’ll get back to you with my thoughts on each once I try them! 🙂

Orange Naturals is a company you’ve seen pop up on my feed over the last two years and I’m thrilled to be one of their ambassadors this year! I have never left on a trip without their bites and stings it has come in handy too many times. They recently sent me their cough and cold and although everyone is healthy now, you never know what the kids will pick up while travelling. I have it as backup. 😉

For the plane, I’ll be packing snacks, juice, little dollar store toys to keep them busy, hand sanitizer, wipes and a change of clothes! The babies have never had blow outs except for when we are travelling for some reason! :/ So now I know better to pack a couple extra items just in case.

I hope you all have a great week while we are away! Hopefully we will bring back the sun! 🙂 x0





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