Figure8 Maternity & Beach fun



Most of my childhood was spent playing on the beach as I lived in small beach town just outside of Sarnia called Brights Grove. When I was very little, my mom would take us for a stroll by the water almost every morning and  in my later teens, I would bike to the beach to meet my friends, bike over to work, bike back to the beach for a bonfire. Life was simple and sweet. My mother still lives in the house that I grew up in, this makes it easy for us to pop in and out with the kids to take a break from the heat when visiting the beach.

Heading to the beach, going for a long stroll or going out to grab a bite to eat, this dress from Figure8 Maternity is the perfect summer dress for this type of occasion. It’s light weight, unwraps at the top for easy access to baby if you’re nursing and pretty enough to wear anywhere. I love dresses that I can easily throw on and can style up or down. This one is perfect!

I hope you had the chance to enjoy the beautiful weather this past weekend. For us, it was a nice reminder that summer vacation will soon be here and we have much more memories on the beach to come! 🙂



Suzanne Toth

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