A Day at Heemans with Ella & County Modern

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As you may have seen on my Instagram stories I will be working more with @countymodern for my personal Instagram feed. 🙂 I’m really excited about this because often I’ll have a blog to get at or company to promote and if it’s just of the kids or product I can take those and it turns out okay but a lot of the time I need to be in them too and then I have to shoot and pray with the self timer or ask a stranger on the street. Not ideal. Lol!

Lucky for me @countymodern and I just happen to be pretty well neighbours at our new home so this is meant to be! Her feed is absolutely lovely and she was wonderful with Ella at @heemans it was as though we were just meeting a friend for coffee. I won’t be able to have her available for every photo I post but I will tag her in the ones she’s helped out with.





Suzanne Toth

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