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The girls and I went over to Lola’s (Grandma’s) today to try out our new Precision Master Stand Mixer by Cuisinart. Lola’s a baking pro and the girls and I love her! She also helped me take these photos while we had some fun in the kitchen. 🙂

Mia will be 1 years old in March and I have been so emotional about it. This is my last baby turning 1 and so I’ve decided I’m going to do all the décor and treats myself. I’ve been pinterest-ing away and saving recipes that look good. A lot of them are desserts and treats so I’m glad we had some practice today.

Besides looking lovely on your counter, the Cuisinart mixer makes baking so much simpler. We threw the ingredients in and then Cuisinart does the rest… It makes baking a breeze! The mixer comes with different paddles to use depending on what you’re in the mood for making. I was browsing through the booklet while looking for an icing recipe and I’m especially excited to use it for homemade breads. We go through so much bread a week and homemade is simply the best –that smell!!! Ahhhh. 🙂

Now that I’m home and daydreaming about all of the food that I can make, I may even try making some homemade pizzas, pastries, pie crusts, you name it! I have a feeling we will all be eating really well at Mia’s Birthday. Lol!

I’m not ready for Mia to turn 1, and I’m desperately soaking in every last minute with her until that day comes.  It makes me happy to know even if all of these little treats and snacks don’t turn out perfectly, they will have been made by her momma and helping hands of her siblings, with love.

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