Canadian Girls Need Coats written by Rosyln Constanzo


I would say that I’m very open-minded when it comes to clothes—I love outlandish pairings, offensive proportions, and unorthodox style. That’s the stuff of fashion, I think. Likewise, I appreciated living in a big city because of the inherent “anything goes” attitude. But if there’s one oversight that I regard as a style sin, it has to be treating your coat as an afterthought. The guilty party is typically a would-be put-together woman on the street who relinquishes any and all style cred by wearing a ho-hum everyday parka over her otherwise chic ensemble.
“She might be cold,” you say, and yes, parkas have their place in a Canadian’s wardrobe—in fashion, even. But most Canucks spend such a significant chunk of the year in heavy layers, it’s imperative to have fun with our outerwear and to make sure it enhances our look rather than detracting from it.
Canadian girls need coats. At least that’s how I justify my ever-expanding wardrobe of teddy coats, leather jackets, faux furs, puffers, denim jackets, and wools. Coats are so integral to my look, I often rely on them to make my simple jeans and tee into a bonafide outfit. And when asked if I want to check my coat at the door of an event, I always decline.
“I’m a little chilly,” I lie. But what I really want to say is, “No way!  This faux fur chubby makes my outfit, don’t you see?” (It always makes me think about Carrie Bradshaw having to remove her statement shoes at her friend’s baby shower). Not to mention, a wardrobe of great coats will help you get through that winter wardrobe slump. So next time you go to pull on your run-of-the-mill puffer, remember that there’s probably an ankle-length yeti coat or a colourful, menswear-inspired wool out there, waiting to work wonders in your closet.

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