Before you turn two...




My Mia,

When your brother and sister were born, I learned who they were, their little personalities came out and I day-dreamed about who they were becoming.

You, my dear, I couldn’t figure out. I wasn’t sure who you were but that you were mine and that I loved you. Not too long ago, I figured it out. This whole time you have been showing me who you are. Your loving smile, your “I love you’s” your first word “happy”! That’s who you are! You are one of those people who wake up each day with a positive attitude and a belief that this day will be even better than the last.
You make sure everyone in our family gets an endless amount of hugs and kisses. You copy everything your big sister does. You take your sweet time at the dinner table and do silly things to make me smile while I sit there with you.

If I had to guess, I will be asked by many, “Is she always this happy?” and my answer will always be,  “Yes!”

How lucky we are to have people like you in this world–ray of sunshine in our everyday lives. How was it that I ended up with this bright light? I must have done something good. (music note)

You are beautiful on the outside–that will always be apparent—but your inside, my goodness, your soul, is by far the most gorgeous thing I’ve ever seen. X0

I love you, sweetheart.

Mom xo

Suzanne Toth

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