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Dear Mia,

I’ve tried to start this blog many times but every time I begin tears come to my eyes. Happy tears. When I was pregnant with you, you gave me no trouble, even the delivery was calm.  You were placed in my arms and everything about you was perfect. You were a little small, weighing only 5lbs but even then you were strong. You laughed and smiled when you were days old! I couldn’t believe it! 🙂

As a newborn, you napped really well and slept really well and I am so grateful to you for that because it gave your big sister Ella some time to adjust to the idea of sharing mommy. Ella adjusted just fine and immediately took on the roll of your protector. She was only a year and a half when you were born and would hook her arm around your carrier when anyone would try to come near you if we were out and about. She would lock arms with your carrier and point to me as if to say “don’t come any closer. That’s our mom.” She protects you to this day and is the first one to your side if your sad and greets you with hugs and kisses in the morning.

Your brother Owen was the first to hold you besides your parents and he immediately asked for me to take a photo of him holding you so that he could show his classmates. He named you peanut. He also calls you his “happy baby” and has said “oh Mia, you’re so cute!” about 1 million times. He is very fond of you.

Your eyes light up when your Dad walks in to the room and you are the first one to greet him when he gets home. He told me that his favourite thing about you is that you’re always happy and he loves the little sounds you make when he gets home from work. You’re always excited to see him.

You and I really started to bond when we began sleep training with you. Around 6 months old you started staying up later and later until you and I were watching episode after episode on the couch until midnight. I figured at first it was because you were made in Italy and it was simply in your blood to want to eat and stay up late but mommy was really tired so we had to make some changes to your schedule. Our nighttime routine started with me giving you a bath and I started to see so much more of your personality. You are 100% a water baby and you will splash and get water in your face and eyes and none of it bothers you. I call you my little minnow.

You are still eating purées and your favourite combination is fresh avocado & banana. When you’re tired, you rub your tiny nose in to my face or in to my shoulder. You are a mommy’s girl and hunny I’m a Mia’s girl. There is no bad day when I’m with you. When I think of who you might be and what you might become when you’re older I’m still so unsure. Owen as a baby was always interested in blocks and building and figuring out how things worked. My guess would be he will be a engineer or an architect or perhaps a scientist. Ella as a baby only ate solids, fed herself and would read book after book. She is miss independent and pretty well runs our household. My guess is she may be prime minister. You on the other hand my love I just don’t know yet. What I do know is that you have the ability to make everyone’s day better. You bring so much happiness to everyone around you. You give smiles freely, even if you may not get a smile back. Your soul is so pure and your heart is so big, I will do everything I can to protect it. People like you are like little angels placed on earth and I don’t know who you will become but I know you’ll be one of those people who everyone will be happy to know and glad they have come across. You have made our world so beautiful Mia Rose.

Happy Birthday sweetheart.


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