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I don’t think Ive stopped smiling since Saturday morning! I woke up to my friends msgs and reposted images that Jillian Harris had shared Baby Be Mine over her Instagram. My mouth dropped, I rewatched the video she posted about 5 times, then I cried. I am so overwhelmed by the positive response my all natural coconut bath has received, I am so grateful to all the shops and mamas that have supported me along the way, and very thankful to my family for all their encouragement. 2 years in, I am so proud of where Baby Be Mine has come and I am equally excited to see where it will go!

When I first launched Baby Be Mine I would carefully plan out orders between naps and feedings. There were moments of doubt but usually in those moments of doubt I had something or someone that gave me a boost to push through.

If you’re a small business owner too, know I’m in your corner, and if you haven’t heard it lately, you are doing GREAT! 🙂

x0x0 Suzanne

Above are photos from my very first photo shoot for Baby Be Mine. I was pregnant with baby Mia and Ella was crawling around and looking adorable as always. 🙂 Thank you to Tara West for taking these incredible photos. I will cherish them always. x0

Suzanne Toth

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