Tips for tackling photoshoots with little ones

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My kids enjoy when I take photos and videos of them and it’s a good thing because I do it so often for my social media. Things get a bit different when someone they don’t know is doing the photography. Often, they are pretty hesitant to be their happy selves and shy away from the camera as much as possible. Overtime, I’ve found certain things help to get the kids in their best moods before the shoot. Here’s my list of tips to have YOUR family camera ready.

  1. Do not schedule the shoot during or close to nap time. No one is going to be happy no matter how hard you try if they are sleepy.
  2. Feed and change your little ones before the shoot.
  3. Bring along something for the kids to drink and snack on.
  4. Bring extra diapers/pull-ups and a change of clothes. Accidents happen.
  5. Pack bubbles!! My kids loves bubbles and it seems to be one thing I can always count on to help bring them out of their shells. I always get some smiles and giggles out of them too.
  6. Have their favorite songs on YouTube handy! Play their favorite video on your phone or iPad and sing to them while the photographer takes some single shots.
  7. Let the kids play games. Let them play tag, duck duck goose, or just let them run around! Whatever gets them to smile.
  8. Arrive early if the photo shoot site is unfamiliar. This will help them get comfortable with their surroundings and it will make for better photos.
  9. If possible, have the shoot outdoors. Most kids love the beach, the forest, and trails! Let the photographer capture their excitement as they explore. In my opinion, lifestyle photos are the best! 🙂
  10. And last but not least, don’t stress! Book a short amount of time with your photographer, have fun with it, take as many shots as you can and move on with your day. You can only expect so much when they are so little, and you want this to be a fun experience so that they will do it again. 😉

Hope this helps and good luck with your photo shoots! X0x

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