Rent over buy with STMNT


For any special occasion STMNT has you covered! These girls are working hard to change the way we shop and are doing their part to help save our planet. I’ve promoted for them and have also rented from them and I’ve seen first hand how easy it is. As you can see above, the dress selection is incredible and they work with local businesses to bring you the latest in fashion. I am already thinking of the dresses I’d like to rent for the holidays.

This is what STMNT had to say when I asked them WHY they created this platform:

“STMNT gives women access to beautiful items while building confidence, allowing them to experience more financial freedom, and helping to create a more sustainable plant for all generations through clothing rentals.”

STMNT partners with retails such as Nicholas Elizabeth Bridal, Elizabeth Noel, Filthy Rebena and Loversland. With so many options to choose from, why not reduce your environmental impact and rent from STMNT for your next event! 🙂

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