Ella Turns 4

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It’s funny the memories that stand out in your mind the most when your think of your babies. I remember crying the ugliest cry when Ella was born. I remember Owen telling Ella on the day they met, that he would love her forever, even if he lived to be 100yrs old. 💛 I remember spending a lot of time on the couch because Ella would only nap on my chest. I remember when my mom first watched Ella I asked her to have naps with Ella on my couch so she could listen to her heart. And she did. Lol 💛 Ella’s always been independent at home and the loudest of the bunch. Demanding of everyone’s time and attention and the complete opposite outside of her home. Her home is her safe zone. She loves anything princess or dress up and she tells me she wants to be a doctor some day. I call her my shadow because she is always beside me. Even if I take a quick shower, she’s outside of the shower door waiting for me. If I had to guess, we will never ever be too far from each other. I love you, my 4yr old. Happy Birthday. x0x

Suzanne Toth

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