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One month has come and gone and our little Ella is growing faster than we could ever imagine. Ella is over 8lbs. now and it amazes me that she is exactly how I expected she would be from the way she was in my tummy. She was always moving around, especially during the night, and all her kicks and movements are still the way she settles herself. I knew she would be strong, and she is. Owen is getting into the routine of having a baby sister who needs a lot of his Mom’s attention. He loves his little sister but he has also enjoyed having time with me for our Mom and son date nights together.

We have also found getting out of the house as a family to be much easier than the first couple weeks. We have been able to enjoy seeing our friends at several Christmas parties where, besides my little ones, my Oemi bag was the topic of conversation. I’ve received so many compliments on it and when I tell them “it’s actually a diaper bag” … “you’re kidding!” is typically the answer. The Parkside Bag goes from diaper bag, to work bag, to out-with-the-girls bag, its perfect! I showed my Mom the other day, and she went on about how great this would be for her work and I swear if I wasn’t watching her close enough she would have run off with it! I might have to get her one before she does 🙂

Oemi Baby also makes adorable blankets and baby clothing. If you are searching for the perfect gift for Mom this holiday season, I’ve picked out a few of my favorites. Click on the photos below and happy shopping!

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Limited Edition Bag-Wine

Think of it as having the same great flare and functionality of the original Oemi Baby Bag, but with a few special touches for an extra hint of luxury.


Brownstone Baby Bag

Stylish and functional, the Oemi Baby Bag has been crafted with the needs of fashion-conscious parents in mind. It is the perfect alternative to the traditional diaper bag.  In fact, the only person who will know it’s a diaper bag is you!



The Oemi Parkside Diaper Bagis made from 100% leather and is the perfect alternative to the traditional diaper bag. Beautifully crafted and are made for the fashion conscious parent on the go.


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