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Kirsten Hess is the founder and principal designer behind HvK Interiors, a full service Interior Design firm specializing in residential and boutique retail projects. She holds a B.A. in Communication Studies from McMaster University and a diploma in Interior Design from The Academy of Design in Toronto. After graduating in 2013, Kirsten honed her design skills under the mentorship of the prestigious and innovative commercial design firm Shikatani Lacroix as well as the celebrity Architect and Interior Designer, Dee Dee Eustace at Taylor Hannah Architect.

After living and working in Toronto for some years, Kirsten decided to launch her own firm upon moving back to her hometown of Hamilton. Now at the helm of HvK Interiors, Kirsten translates her knowledge of branding and marketing into her love for Interior Design. She is passionate about building homes and businesses that are genuine expressions of her clients’ stories and believes that good design will stand the test of time.

Kirsten lives in Hamilton with her husband and young son and works from her design studio to bring the HvK aesthetic to clients throughout the GTA.


Mia's Big Girl Room

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As you can probably guess from the photos Mia LOVES her big girl room! 🙂 What you might not know unless you have been following me on Instagram @suzannetoth is that since I moved her to her big girl bed she has been sleeping through the night! Woohoo! 🙂 It only took 3 years but I am as happy as she in in these photos. 🙂

Here’s all the details on her big girl room ~

The Bedding

Mia hand picked her teddy bear bedding from SNURK LIVING. She loves everything cuddly and cute so I wasn’t surprised when she choose the bear. It was so sweet when she first saw her bed made up, she snuggled right in to her bear pillow and her smile was priceless! You can find that photo here. 🙂 SNURK really brings magic and warmth to kids rooms. I’m sure you would remember Ella’s princess bedding from the post here. 🙂 SNURK was also kind enough to donate a princess set for this years Magical Winter Ball for Children’s Health. I know that is going to make a little girl very happy! If its princesses, space adventures, or superheroes that you’re little one is in to, they really have something unique for everyone.

The Bed Frame

Candace & Basil is a family owned and operated Canadian company located in Mississauga ON. They have a fantastic selection of bedroom, living, kitchen and home accent furniture. Mia’s bed frame was one of the first items that we received and when my father came over to help put her room together. When we unboxed the frame we  initially thought we were missing some pieces, but to our surprise, everything was zipped up and tucked nicely in to the headboard. The frame is beautifully crafted and the style will grow with her. You can shop her bed frame here. 🙂 

The Mattress 

The biggest change for the both of us is that Mia is sleeping through the night and I have no doubt it is because of the mattress! Delivery was easy and convienient. Mia had a lot of fun playing peek-a-boo with the box while I did the unboxing. You can find that video here. 🙂 The Allure Mattress was created with comfort, support and temperature control in mind. Mia is only 2 and can’t express exactly in words how she is enjoying her new bed but I can tell just by how well she is sleeping! As a Mom who has had little sleep over the last 3 years, I couldn’t be happier! If I haven’t sold you already, Allure offers 100 free nights to fall in love with their mattreses. If you’re not completely satistfied, they will arrange for pick up and a full refund. As a bonus, use my code: suzannetoth at checkout to received free shipping and $100 off your mattress. 

Big thank-you to Carmelina of CARMA for the photography and capturing these beautiful moments. x0x




Ella Turns 4

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It’s funny the memories that stand out in your mind the most when your think of your babies. I remember crying the ugliest cry when Ella was born. I remember Owen telling Ella on the day they met, that he would love her forever, even if he lived to be 100yrs old. 💛 I remember spending a lot of time on the couch because Ella would only nap on my chest. I remember when my mom first watched Ella I asked her to have naps with Ella on my couch so she could listen to her heart. And she did. Lol 💛 Ella’s always been independent at home and the loudest of the bunch. Demanding of everyone’s time and attention and the complete opposite outside of her home. Her home is her safe zone. She loves anything princess or dress up and she tells me she wants to be a doctor some day. I call her my shadow because she is always beside me. Even if I take a quick shower, she’s outside of the shower door waiting for me. If I had to guess, we will never ever be too far from each other. I love you, my 4yr old. Happy Birthday. x0x

Photoshoot Ready

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I’ve been modelling bridal gowns since I was about 16yrs old. Next week will mark my 1000th? wedding. 😉 With this coming up, I thought I’d share some things that I do the night before to get camera ready.

For myself, I stay away from eating anything too salty the day/night before. I also avoid alcohol and I drink water all day long. I give myself a full body scrub with organic coconut oil and sugar. I scrub my face and lips with the multivitamin scrub by Dermalogica and moisturize a few times during the day.

For the kids, they don’t really need any prepping… they’re perfect. 🙂 I do however take us all on a walk before bedtime. I always find the fresh air helps everyone sleep better.

If the kids are involved in the photoshoot, I try to plan the shoot first thing in the morning. I always find everyone is in the best mood at this time. That or after dinner. I know thats a weird time to set up a shoot but in the summer it works great with the lighting and the kids have extra energy.

I always packs snacks and drinks for the kids and if I can I typically book with the same photographer they are used to. The kids have gotten to know Siona from and we do our shoots in 20 mins because they are so comfortable with her.

If its an indoor shoot, playing little games with them or showing them parts of the backdrop some times helps and I find outdoor locations are awesome because they want to explore. Easy to get those natural photos of them doing their thing.

Any other questions I’d be happy to answer them!

These photos taken above were taken by Tara West for a fun styled shoot and they are undoubtably my favourite bridal shoot because of sweet Mia. 🙂