A Tea Party for Three

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The word that comes to mind to describe Olivia Rose collection is feminine. 🙂 The attention to detail, the fit, the way her pieces make you feel like a princess! J’adore! 🙂

I told AnnaMaria Di Nicolantonio, Founder- Olivia Rose  that out of all the dresses and tutus we’ve promoted for her, that these were my absolute favourite! I have been on the hunt to find something to display the pink dresses you see in these photos because they look like pieces of art! When I asked her what inspired this line she said:

“These pieces are inspired by the idea to start a new and fresh collection of ballet, couture styles, and timeless pieces.” 

It felt like a million degrees out on this day, but even then, the girls were thrilled to be playing dress up and having a tea party with mom at The Elden House. Our photographer Siona snapped a few photos while we munched on goodies and walked around the gardens. The girls are so comfortable with her and it was easy to get some great photos together.

The beautiful flowers you see in the phots are from Springhill Flowers. We took them home with us and the girls were excited to show their big brother Owen their little bouquets and I had lovely flowers for the table.

Another day that I will remember with my girls forever.

All clothing by: Olivia Rose

Photography: County Modern 

Flowers by: Springhill Flowers

Hair by: Kourt at Sweet as Sugar 








Dinner at Craft Farmacy

Food, Motherhood


I’m writing this blog and my mouth is watering over the photos and now I’m debating whether or not I head over for a quick bedtime treat 🙂 Craft Farmacy easily has taken a place as one of my absolute favourite restaurants in London. Craft Farmacy is lead by talented Chef Andrew Wolwowicz. His delicious flavours and surprise textures are always something that I look forward to.

Before we began our meal, I had a chat with Chef  about the menu. He asked what Melissa and I wanted to try and my simple reply was “you serve me– I trust you.” I have never had a meal from this man that I didn’t love! The only request I made was for the cauliflower. Melissa is obssesed and it’s one of her favourite things to order. 🙂

We started off the meal with a bang– Roasted Bone Marrow with Ox Tail Marmalade! So many layers of flavour, sweet, tangy and make sure you sprinkle a little salt on top to really make those flavour pop! When you are finished, keep the bone marrow for a bourbon shot to finish off your meal. Expect a round of applause. 😉

Next up was the Yellowfin Tuna with Kaffir lime, lemongrass aioli green chilli & cape goose berries. This is where that surprise texture came to play, he topped off this fabulous dish with puffed rice. The dish is light and fresh. It’s 100% perfect for summer!

Melissa gave two thumbs up on the cauliflower and I would have to agree the buffalo sauce tossed in it was dynamite. I have to admit, I haven’t fully jumped on to the cauliflower craze but I would definitely order this again. If you love cauliflower, you will love this.

Scallops…. Oh the scallops… seared perfectly, nesting on top of a medley of veggies, bacon, garlic in a broth so delicious that you will ask for a baguette to soak up every last bit.

Craft Farmacy has some outstanding reviews and I’m happy to say it lives up to them! Its a restaurant to take friends and family for a great mix of food, fun, and fantastic drinks. Don’t forget to finish off your your meal with the bone marrow bourbon shot. You may even catch me there tonight, this girls hungry! 🙂