Cooking with Cuisinart

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The girls and I went over to Lola’s (Grandma’s) today to try out our new Precision Master Stand Mixer by Cuisinart. Lola’s a baking pro and the girls and I love her! She also helped me take these photos while we had some fun in the kitchen. 🙂

Mia will be 1 years old in March and I have been so emotional about it. This is my last baby turning 1 and so I’ve decided I’m going to do all the décor and treats myself. I’ve been pinterest-ing away and saving recipes that look good. A lot of them are desserts and treats so I’m glad we had some practice today.

Besides looking lovely on your counter, the Cuisinart mixer makes baking so much simpler. We threw the ingredients in and then Cuisinart does the rest… It makes baking a breeze! The mixer comes with different paddles to use depending on what you’re in the mood for making. I was browsing through the booklet while looking for an icing recipe and I’m especially excited to use it for homemade breads. We go through so much bread a week and homemade is simply the best –that smell!!! Ahhhh. 🙂

Now that I’m home and daydreaming about all of the food that I can make, I may even try making some homemade pizzas, pastries, pie crusts, you name it! I have a feeling we will all be eating really well at Mia’s Birthday. Lol!

I’m not ready for Mia to turn 1, and I’m desperately soaking in every last minute with her until that day comes.  It makes me happy to know even if all of these little treats and snacks don’t turn out perfectly, they will have been made by her momma and helping hands of her siblings, with love.

To shop the Precision Master Stand Mixer by Cuisinart visit


Lets talk health and fitness

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Before I get in to this blog post I want to make sure you know I do not have a fitness or nutrition background so please talk to a professional before changing any type of fitness/diet plan you are currently on. I get a lot of questions about what I do at the gym and what my diet is and I’m just sharing for that reason. 🙂

A couple fitness studios that I would recommend in the London area are:

@fitclubbootcamps I did a few workouts with before my wedding. I found Corey to be very knowledgeable and the workouts were fun! I never really felt like I was working out until the next day. Lol He also runs some pretty intense boot camps!

@and_fit has awesome mom and baby fitness classes that I only wish I got to more often! It’s a relaxed atmosphere where you can feed, change and let the kids play while you get a workout in at the same time. She also runs boot camps without the babes.

Lately, I have been going to the gym at night.  I was always against working out at night but it’s the time that works for me that I can get away, and not be rushed or worrying about naps. I stick to what makes me feel like I’m getting the best workout in the quickest amount of time. I almost always do the treadmill and stairs then use some of the weight machines. I’ve never been really consistent in working out until more recently and I have noticed a huge difference in my energy level and my overall health and that’s what keeps me going.

The next part is answering some of your questions about my diet. I have never really been strict about what I eat. I really do enjoy food too much to cut anything out. That being said, I’ve also never really been in to chips and pop… the only guilty pleasure I have around the house is dark chocolate. Dark chocolate almonds and ritter sport dark chocolate hazelnut bars are my go-to and no one is allowed to eat them but me. Lol

For breakfast I’m a whole grain bagel + fruit  + coffee type gal and that’s pretty routine for me during the week. On the weekend we spend more time making eggs and bacon. When I was working full time what I found filled me up until lunch was overnight oats! You can make them the night before, its ready for you in the morning, super tasty and it will hold off your hunger until lunch.

How to make overnight oats–à Grab a bowl and mix oats, flax, chia seeds, cinnamon, walnuts and set aside. Mixed desired fruit ( I prefer cherries or strawberries) mix with a little honey. Layer oats between fruit in a large cup or mug until you get to the top. Cover oats and fruit with your choice of milk, cover top with plastic wrap and let it sit over night. In the morning the milk will be soaked up and you can add a little more honey if you’d like.

During the day I snack between meals on fruit such as bananas, apples or oranges… sometimes nuts and cheeses… sometimes charcuterie boards. I’m also really in to smoothie bowls! These are awesome because your kids can see all the yummy ingredients that go in to their smoothies! Pretty basic recipe for the one above, I used cashew milk, lactose free yogurt, and frozen mango and papaya for the base. I then added chia seeds, coconut granola, berries and banana.

At Lunch and Dinner I always find getting protein in is key for keeping my energy up until bedtime. I always try to stick to more protein and veggies in the evenings instead of fruit.

And what reallllllllly works for me and I tell this to everyone is to stop eating after dinner! I find that I have always been able to eat pretty much what I want during the day as long as I stop after dinner. I also find that I get a better nights rest when I haven’t filled my tummy before bed. Try it! The first night is the hardest if you are a late night muncher but it gets easier.

Someone asked me about juicing too and I used to juice all the time and I swear my skin had a natural glow, my hair was shinier and I didn’t need as much coffee. I really need to get back in to it!

Any other questions, you can always shoot me an email and I can try to answer them or send you in the direction of someone who can! 🙂



Our experience with WeeSleep


Mia started sleeping through the night at 3 months of age. She would sleep from 9:30pm until 9am and I thought I had it made in the shade! I figured that eventually her bed time would get earlier and earlier and I didn’t mind her sleeping in because it gave me time in the morning to get the other two ready for the day.

When Mia was 5 or 6 months, I was proven wrong, she started staying up later and later and bedtime went from 9:30pm, to 10:30pm to eventually 12am when she would finally be ready for bed. For two months, I stayed up with her watching TV and I was convinced she just wanted some mommy alone time. I was falling behind on work, falling behind on cleaning and time with my husband because as soon as she was in bed, I was next to close by eyes. Finally, after too many long nights I reached out to the experts.

We started our program with WeeSleep, shared our concerns and gave them a detailed look at our schedule. We were then given tools to set us up for the best outcome and I’m happy to say it was a success! We are all getting sleep over here! Yay!

WeeSleep suggested setting up her bedroom for a good nights rest and a few things that we had not purchased with the other two were a sleep sound machine, sleep buddy and a sleepsac. I so wish I would have had all of these with my other babes. The sleepsac gives me total peace of mind that she’s not caught up in her blanket and keeps her cozy at night. The sound machine blocks out noise from the other two kiddos and helps her fall back to sleep with the white noise in the background. I use her sleep buddy to kiss her cheeks every night and gives her something to cuddle when she wakes up. We ordered a Conair sleep machine from Amazon which can be found here. Its small, light and portable and will stay on all night long. I purchased wayyyy too many sleep sacs before finding one at HomeSense. It’s by Bebe au Lait and you can find it here. Its my favorite because it’s double lined with a lightweight fabric that’s similar to her organic swaddles. I also found her little buddy at HomeSense 🙂

After setting up her room for a good nights rest, we started on our sleep plan with WeeSleep. I wont lie to you, the first two days are painful. I remember 7 days in of sleep training I told Rick that if this doesn’t work, I’m just going to have to let her stay up until midnight because I cant take seeing her upset. Luckily for us, each day was better than the last and every night was an improvement from the last and that’s what kept us going.

Our bedtime routine is something now that I look forward to. I start our routine at 7pm and shes in bed for 7:45pm. This is the time that worked best for our family and might not be best for everyone else. Best to figure this one out with your sleep expert. At 7pm, we start with a bath and it’s probably my favorite time of day because she loves the water and I love seeing her so happy. After bath, I spend time with just her and I in her room reading books before I put her to bed.

My advice to you is if you are struggling at all with sleepless nights, talk to a consultant. I’m not guaranteeing it will work but after two months of staying up until 12am with Mia, my only wish is that I had done this sooner.

Wishing you all a good nights rest. X0x0

Hello 2018, it’s nice to finally meet you!


Since Christmas, I have either been taking care of someone who is sick and/or sick myself so this post is a little overdue! It did give me the chance to take a break from blogging and to think of what I will be sharing over my blog this year.

Primarily, I have a women following of ages 13-65yrs+, that’s a pretty big range! Although most are in the age group of 18-44, I thought I would write a post that some of you may be able to relate to and share some of my experiences in the last 30yrs.

In your high school days

Hang out with friends, spend time with your family, go to concerts, live and be happy. Listen to your parents, even when you feel like they say NO to everything. You will both win from this in the end. A lot of the time I didn’t realise they were saving me from things that I didn’t need to experience just yet. Life will get real soon enough.

Be kind to others. I promise it doesn’t matter how popular you are, no one gets anywhere in life by being a bully.

Study hard! You need to study, show up to class and do well on your exams to get in to the school that you want. Even if you’re not sure what school or program that you want to get in to, it’s always good to leave every door open. If you’re interested in certain areas of work but need more info ask a guidance counsellor what courses you need to be accepted in to the program.

College/University years

Spend time with your friends, go on dates, and visit family. Party (but not too hard), travel often and go to as many concerts are you can, music is good for the soul. Life will get real veryyy soon.

If you start a program finish it. This is what I didn’t do which I wish I would have done. My Mother bought me a townhouse, paid for my school and books and I wasted a gross amount of my tuition fund “trying out” different programs. I wasn’t exactly sure what I wanted to do so I kept switching from this to that, it was a complete waste of time and money.  I could have worked as a nurse or dental hygienist (I could go on and on) until I figured it out.

When things get real

Be nice to the young mom. I was the first to have a child out of my friends when my ex and I had Owen. As much as my life was moving forward and everything was so exciting for me, no one else around me was settling down or having kids yet. I would go to the park, try to talk to other moms that weren’t much older than me but I had a hard time making new mom friends and no one seemed to want to continue a conversation. It was realllllly hard because I could have used someone to talk to and say, “I am struggling with breast feeding” or “My whole life now revolves around naps and feedings”. It was lonely. BTW if you are that new mom, consider me your new mom friend and you can email me whenever you need to!

Enjoy your baby because it does go by all too fast and its OK if your life isn’t the same anymore. Once I gave up on breastfeeding and went to formula, it got much easier. I now had less stress and more time to enjoy other things in my life because I wasn’t trying to pump while he was sleeping. I started to slip in to my new role and loved it. I started to enjoy my time at home and didn’t mind not making it out for every girl’s night. I remember my first birthday after Owen was born, my girlfriends all came over. We went out for a drink, I talked about Owen the whole time and I came home to him. I loved it!! I was so thankful that my friends made the time for me in my new life as Owen’s mama.

Give your heart to someone who loves your good, your bad and your ugly. Someone who loves you just as much dolled up as when you’re in a t-shirt with no makeup on. Someone who you don’t have to impress all the time and someone who always makes you feel loved. Someone who you argue well with, and by this I mean you get over disagreements so quick you forget what you were even arguing about. Someone you go to bed with every night knowing no matter what they will always be on your side.

Maybe some of these things are obvious to some, but my hope is to reach someone who it may not be so obvious to. I would be very happy if all of you reading this shared something that life has taught you so far that might help someone else. I think 2018 should be the year that we all love each other a little bit more. What do you think? Happy 2018 🙂