the latest addition to Baby Be Mine Natural Coconut Bath

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It has almost been 6 months since the launch of Baby Be Mine Natural Coconut bath and I could not be more grateful for all the positive responses it has received. I am proudly in two stores. Loft House Living & Cheeky Monkey and selling online at Baby Be Mine started when I wanted to create a line that would be safe for expectant mothers, babies and anyone wanting a natural skincare product. Baby Be Mine is formulated with Organic and Natural ingredients. It is a product I use on myself and the whole family.

Until now, the gift sets have come with its own flower to enhance your bath experience. You can use the biodegradable flowers in your bath or to have on your counter to enjoy the aromas. Today, I am proud to announce I have a new addition to Baby Be Mine which is perfect for babies, the Oli and Carol Elvis the Duck & Origami Boat! The Origami boat comes in Mint and Elvis the Duck comes in White, Nude, or Light Grey.

A little more about Oli and Carol bath toys:

  •      They are made with 100% natural rubber from Hevea Trees.
  •      Flexible and soft, easy to grasp, promote hand eye coordination, and safe to chew.
  •      Hand painted with food grade dyes.
  •      Biodegradable, sustainable & environmentally friendly.
  •      Non toxic, PVC, BPA, Phthalate and Nitrosamine FREE.
  •      No holes in designs to prevent mold.
  •      Oli & Carol is a socially responsible company. Every toy purchased is contributing to scholarication of children in India.
  •      Oli and Carol hit every requirement I wanted for a product to go along side Baby Be Mine and as an added bonus I found out they were two young sister entrepreneurs that were not only making environmentally safe products, they were also very big in to giving back.

Thank you to ALL of YOU for your support, encouragement, and love along this wonderful journey! It was a dream of mine to create this line so thank you for helping me make it a reality.

You can shop the new line at:





My summer favourites that will take you in to Fall

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This summer feels like it flew by wayyyy too fast.  I’m usually craving the knit sweaters and pumpkin spiced lattés but for the first time, I’m just not ready for Fall. Because of this, I wanted to share a few of my favourites this summer, that will take you right in to the fall months when we’re ready for it.

I can’t say enough good things about Tiffany Maternity and their sister line Alie Street. The clothes fit so well and when these photos above were taken, I was still losing some of my pregnancy weight so the give & take of the material was much needed. The long white dress found here is a maternity/nursing dress and I may have to pack up until spring but I thought I’d share it for some of you who are already planning your next vacation somewhere warm. 😉 The black dress and floral are easy to wear in to fall. I would pair the black dress with a long coat, and the floral I would throw on some ankle boots with a scarf to have around my shoulders.

Highlighters!!! I’m completely obsessed with highlighters, and since I’m not a makeup pro, I reached out to my friend Brittany founder of Esteem Makeup Artistry to ask about using them outside of the summer months and her answer was “All year long!!” Whoohoo! 🙂 Here are some tips and suggestion she has for using highlighters:

“If you tend to lose some colour come winter, go for a less golden one and grab something more pearly. Hit the tops of the cheeks, tip of the nose and cupids bow”

The highlighters that I’ve been using all summer are Prosecco, Pearl, and Radiant Glow Drops from Caryl Baker. The Prosecco is light, the Pearl has a pinkish undertone and the Radiant Glow Drops I’ve been using all over my face as it gives a subtle glow to the skin that I absolutely love.

Smoothie bowls! These are awesome because your kids can see all the yummy ingredients that go in to their smoothies! Pretty basic recipe for the one above, I used cashew milk, lactose free yogurt, and frozen mango and papaya for the base. I then added chia seeds, coconut granola, berries and banana. Side note: I never make this big of a bowl for Ella, just a small bowl of all the good stuff, this one we shared. 🙂