Trimester 3 Workout with Andrea from AndFit


Working out with Andrea throughout my pregnancy has been an absolute delight! She’s knowledgeable, genuine, and has helped me feel my best while creating fun but challenging workouts. While filming this video series, Andrea has taught me just how important good posture and form is when doing all of these exercises. I hope you have enjoyed working out with us and because selfishly I can’t get enough of Andrea’s workouts -we will be putting together a post-baby workout for all of us to do together!

I’m happy to have had Andrea by my side to motivate me and to show me some great exercises that have kept me healthy and taken me throughout my pregnancy.

I hope you enjoy our 3rd trimester video as much as we enjoyed filming it!

Can’t get enough of Andrea? Visit her at her ANDFIT Training Studio and visit her online for a preview of all her great training programs.

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Baby Be Mine is live!!!!



I am SO proud to say WE ARE OFFICIALLY LIVE at !!!!!

A big THANK YOU to everyone that helped me bring my idea to life  -this has been another labour of love for me and I’m so excited for you to try my all natural bath product line!!



And remember to tag us in your photos to give us permission to share you enjoying your Baby Be Mine products. 🙂

Our getaway to THE FERG in beautiful Prince Edward County


This was our first trip as a family to Prince Edward County and we were not disappointed!  We stayed at THE FERG–a beautiful historic home in Picton, that has been lovingly restored to its full 19th century glory. I was especially fond of the country feel; it was such a cozy place to come home to at the end of the day. The Ferg will definitely be a place we will want to come back to time and again.


During our visit in Prince Edward County, we took our children to different restaurants. The Vic Café became our favourite cafe in Picton and it was only minutes away from our doorstep. The kids enjoyed some healthy finger foods and Rick and I had teriyaki bowls. As is our custom when we travel, my son and I also had to try out their hot chocolate—delicious!


With it being as cold as it was this March and with a 7year old and a 16 month old on the lookout for fun, we found some indoor activities that we could all enjoy.  Beside The Vic Café, we found the public library that had play areas for both Owen and Ella. Owen and Rick took on the lego challenge in the computer room and I followed Ella around while she played with toddler toys and picked out books for me to read to her.  Ella was in storybook heaven! Another afternoon the boys went to the theater and Ella and I cozied up at The Ferg. I tried to throw on a couple movies for us to watch but she was more interested in showing me around the house, going up and down the beautiful staircase and having me put her in and out of the gorgeous bathtub.


One evening, we drove to the town of Wellington and ate at The Drake Devonshire Inn. It is definitely a spot you’ll want to try while in the area. Everything from our charcuterie  board to my pork schnitzel was absolutely delicious and the atmosphere was very unique. We even had time to enjoy some ping pong before heading back to our accommodation. It was lovely.



What I liked most about staying at The Ferg was the amount of quality time I was able to spend with my family. We could tour the area, eat out, shop, or just relax in our home away from home. With another baby on the way, having time and a quiet, beautiful place in which to relax before our next baby arrives, was much appreciated. Every morning, we could wake up and enjoy making breakfast together in the beautiful country kitchen.  Every evening, we could cuddle in the coziness of the main living room while we watched movies.  The parks and the beach are something we are looking forward to exploring—next time, in the summer with our newest addition!


Our Master Bedroom


As most of you have seen over my social media… THE BABY IS COMING!!! 🙂 Original due date was April 22nd but now our Doctor told us it’s looking more like March 30th! Owen and Ella arrived early and both were healthy and strong so I’m not worried. It did kick our butts in to gear though getting the house ready for baby and this included our Master Bedroom. I shopped and scored some great priced pieces and all I have left to do is wallpaper behind our master bed and paint which we will wait to do after baby arrives.

First and foremost, every master bedroom needs a comfortable bed! Ours is a Tempur-Pedic Impulse. I was so skeptical at first because I wasn’t sure how I liked it when I tested it at this store but it only took one night for my body to get used to it and I had the best sleep I’ve had my whole pregnancy –honest!  A full review to come –in the meantime, you can check out Temper-Pedic on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to find out more about their mattresses.

For the rest of the room, I tried to keep it budget friendly and shopped for stylish pieces at a great price. The headboard, picture frames, stool, rug, comforter, and pillows are from HomeSense. The bedside table and lamp are from Ikea. I wanted to spruce up our master without breaking the bank and with little money spent we have more for other things…like a pre-pregnancy pedicure. 😉 Of course, Ella couldn’t care less about my awesome saving money skills and she made herself right at home. I’m so happy we went with a king mattress. I have a feeling the kids are going to be making themselves quite comfortable. 🙂