Photo shoot with Tara West

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Out of the 98 Images Tara West sent over to me today I could have uploaded 98 of them. What was a photo shoot for my bath product line has in addition become the most beautiful keepsake of moments shared between my first daughter and I. I’m truly grateful to Tara for capturing all of these special moments that I will never forget.

Ella has been the most amazing blessing to our  family and to this pregnancy. When I was pregnant with Ella it was a complicated pregnancy that had me in and out of the hospital almost weekly until the end when I was on bedrest. She hung in there until a month before her due date and with her first cry on my chest tears of my own rolled down my face and she has kept a special place in my heart ever since. Ella is definitely a mommas girls and I selfishly hope our bond remains this strong forever. I know they say holding a baby while you’re pregnant is good for you–and I can happily say this pregnancy has been fantastic with no complications and I believe holding Ella and all of the happiness she has brought me has helped this time around.

I can’t wait to share what we have been working on with you, our bath product line will be launching soon. 🙂 Thank you all for your continuous support! Lots of Love, Suzanne. x0x0xx0

2nd Trimester Workout Video

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Working with Andrea has been an absolute blast so far! She’s so knowledgeable and genuinely wants to help people feel their best by creating fun but challenging workouts. While filming this video series, I’ve come to realize just how important exercising really is throughout pregnancy. I have so much further to go with building my strength and endurance ( I’ll get there!! ) 🙂  I’m happy to have Andrea from AndFit by my side to motivate me and to show me some great exercises that I can do throughout my pregnancy.

I hope you enjoy our 2nd trimester video as much as we enjoyed filming it! Let us know what you think mamas!! 🙂



Want to shop my look? My workout wear is from PinkBlush Maternity and each piece I have from their line is so comfortable that it’s become my daily attire. PinkBlush is always updating their active line and you can shop their new looks HERE 🙂

Caryl Baker True North Beauty Holiday Collection & Giveaway




I was so excited when my package arrived from Caryl Baker to test some of their new colours from the True North Beauty Holiday Collection.  I was even more impressed with how well they worked with my skin tone and how these colours make my natural features pop! Lately, I’ve been faking the “pregnancy glow” with the North Lights Glow Palette, Ella has me constantly on the move and I’m pretty much rockin’ the tired look all day long. 😉

My First Look- North Lights Glow Palette, Noel Eye Shadow, Golden Lip Lacquer

My Second Look- Northern Lights Glow Palette, Noel Eye Shadow, Maple Sugar Eye Shadow, Notre Dame Lipstick

My Third Look- Northern Lights Glow Palette, Noel Eye Shadow, Maple Sugar Eye Shadow, Golden Lip Lacquer (My favorite look)

I love the new True North Collection so much  I’ve partnered with Caryl Baker to give ONE lucky reader both lip colours that I’m wearing. All you have to do is guess if we are having a baby boy or a baby girl! We find out this Friday morning and the winner will be announced right after we find out the gender!

You can leave a comment on this blog, my Facebook Page, or Instagram

*** Contest open to Canadian residents only

Good luck!!!

Dinner at the Prince of Wales Hotel

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From the moment you walk in to the Prince of Wales Hotel in Niagara-on-the-lake you feel a sense of opulent elegance from your surroundings. The hotel itself is handcrafted with original pieces and detail in every room. I had been here once before with my mother for lunch and I knew it was a place I wanted to return to with my husband.

Rick and I came over to the hotel a little early to enjoy a tour of the hotel and the restaurant manager brought us down to the wine cellar which holds many exclusive wines, one of which Rick was proudly holding costs $2000. Of course you don’t need to spend that kind of money to enjoy one of their beautifully selected wines but if you’re feeling a little fancy, the options are endless. Prince of Wales also has a beautiful tea room available, they are offering a 2 for one tea experience for the month of November. The surroundings of the tea room are so beautiful, I would love to come back with my mother. Once we were finished our tour we sat down for pre-dinner music in the lounge. We sat by the  fireplace and listened to a beautiful pianist play and chatted about our day. Rick looked amazing in his new suit and I got to enjoy admiring my husband before our dinner.

When our table was read, we were brought in to the dining area to begin our tasting menu experience. There is no question that you all know I enjoy my food but it was so nice to see my husband enjoy his meal as much as I did. Our waiter and chef were very accommodating to the fact that I am pregnant and I do have some food restrictions. The table sitting next to us, I over heard was vegan, and the chef went above and beyond to create an entire dining experience to suit their needs. The family raved about their dinner and asked for the chef to come out so that they could thank him, I almost flagged him down as well to tell him how much we enjoyed ours.

To give you an idea of their menu click here, you can also view the description of our tasting menu here.

Prince of Wales is a hotel that you really wouldn’t need to leave, it offers all the amenities for your entire stay.  I can’t wait to come back and stay as a guest.

Thank you for having us!

You'll always be my baby

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My darling Ella, you’re 1yr old today! This day has come far quicker than I could have imagined. Mommy’s been a mess the last couple of days and I’ve been appreciating your awareness of this by giving me more cuddles and kisses than usual.

Even though I have only had you in my arms for a year, I truly feel like I’ve had you with me for all of my life. When the doctor helped place you in my arms on the morning of November 10th 2015 a wave of emotion came over me and I broke into tears. We had a little trouble during my pregnancy with you and when you were in my arms I felt that you were finally safe.

The first months you spent a lot of time on my chest, it’s the only way you would nap during the day so mommy took up watching a variety of TV series on Netflix and got used to putting her feet up.

You were a little unsure of the world at first but I’ve seen you grow and become more and more confident in your surroundings. You absolutely adore your big brother, Owen and he was one of the first people who could make you smile and the very first person you gave a huge belly laugh to.
You were a little unsure of your Dad at first but the last couple of months leading up to your birthday you are the first to greet him in the morning with lots of love and hugs and the first person to reach for him when he gets home from work.

I like to call you “my girl”, “cheeks”, “my little cuddle bug” and Grandma Toth likes to call you “dumpling” and “blueberry eyes” you really are fond of your Grandmother, you always have been.

There is not one particular thing about you that I love, there’s a very long list of things. I have all the patience in the world for you, you have me completely wrapped around your finger and in my eyes you can do no wrong. I promise to always love you, say “no” when I need to, and be there for you for the rest of my life.

Happiest 1st Birthday to my daughter! Mommy loves you. Xox

Ella’s 1st Birthday dress, onesie and handmade headpiece is from Love Little Lush Boutique

A special weekend away at the Oban Inn

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This past weekend we had a special getaway to the Oban Inn and it was just what the doctor ordered. 🙂 The Oban Inn is so relaxing, comforting, you feel like you’re at home… but a really clean home with people who cater to you! 🙂 I remember laying on the bed as soon as we got in to the hotel room and I looked at Rick and said “Can we just lay in bed all night?” and we did. We grabbed a appetizer in the dining area, threw on the fireplace and watched a movie …it was kind of perfect.

Waking up in the morning after sleeping until 9am for the first time in who knows how long was just another bonus to our day. We rolled out of bed and went down to to dining room for a continental breakfast of different pastries, granola, fruit, yogurt, different types of deli meats, bagels and more. I took my time and just enjoyed the peacefulness of it all. Breakfast at our house is usually a mess of Rick trying to get out the door, the kids playing, I’m trying to make lunches with the baby hanging off of me and racing out the door to get Owen off to school.

Once we finished breakfast we went to the Oban Inn’s house spa OSpa for our couples massage. They were very accommodating to that fact that I was pregnant and it was so incredibly relaxing!!!  Knowing myself I could have stayed in the spa all day getting my nails done and a facial… anything to keep me there 😉 BUT this was our little getaway and we ventured out to the main strip which was only a block away from where we were staying and that was just as fun.

Between Ricks beer tastings and me playing in the leaves we went in to many of the shops and stopped for lunch. Theres so much to see and do in Niagara on the Lake even if you can’t partake in the wine and beer flights, there is the theatre on the main street, food tastings, guided tours and so much more.

While we were at the Oban Inn I was taking videos over my Instagram Stories and it was amazing to see how many of my friends had been to the Oban Inn. All of their comments were “I love that place” “The Oban Inn is amazing!” “I went there when I was pregnant too. So relaxing!” Clearly this is a place we need to come back to more often.

It was a special weekend away and although we missed our little ones I think they were having just as much fun at home with grandma. Rick and I try to take time away even if its for a weekend to reconnect and recenter and this was the perfect place to do that.

Thank you to the Oban Inn for hosting us this weekend, your hospitality was second to none!