Our honeymoon in Italy

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“Suzanne, wake up! There’s this amazing deal I found for flights to Italy!” this is what my husband said to me as he woke me up in the middle of the night from a dead sleep. We had not booked our honeymoon yet and I wasn’t even sure if I’d be able to leave the kids but this was the best way to get me to say yes, to have me be half asleep and agree. 😉 In the morning that was that, we had two weeks to plan our trip to Italy.

We decided our first stop would be in Rome. We stayed there for two days exploring the streets and eating all the delicious food that we could, stopping for drinks outside of the Coliseum. That was pretty amazing, it was almost unreal drinking a beer and having the Coliseum right behind us, it was the most beautiful backdrop! We also toured around stopping at the Trevi Fountain and Pantheon. On our last night in Rome, we had the pleasure of dining with a local who took us out for Gelato at Bar S Calisto. If you are in heading to Rome this fall, YOU HAVE TO GO! It was cheap and the best Gelato that I’ve ever had. My recommendation is a scoop of Chocolate, Coffee and the whipped cream they put on top–Amazing!!

The following day we took a bus to Sorrento where we would spend the rest of our trip. We stayed at a B&B called Maison Kalea that had only been open for not even a year, it was spacious and clean and new. They had beautiful tiles in the bathroom and throughout the B&B which was more like a small hotel. We had breakfast there each morning and spent our days by the beach, eating pizza & pasta and a lot of seafood. Other days we would do some shopping, exploring, and my favorite days were the days I’ll talk about next.

Capri, this was my favorite part of the trip. I could have stayed and flew in my kids, we could have lived happily ever after! Lol 🙂 It was beautiful, and less busy, it felt more relaxed. Everywhere you looked it was the most perfect view, we got the first class version of this when we got stuck on the side of a cliff…. yup…. in sandals… walking up and down these tiny brick stairs, finally making it back to the city center. When we sat down at the first hotel we saw to eat, the server looked at us, we looked at him and we all started laughing as he offered us some water, we clearly looked like we needed some! We ordered a bottle of wine and stuffed seafood pasta and took a deep breath to enjoy the view and to unwind after our impromptu hike. I looked around at this hotel and it was so comforting and elegant. The swimming pool looked over the outdoor dining area and the rest of the hotel was just as impressive. I was so happy there!

Another favorite for me would be our last day in Sorrento when we took a private boat around the Amalfi Coast, this would be another TO DO if you’re making your list for your travel. The boat cruised around the Amalfi coast stopping in the middle of the sea for us to swim. We were also served lunch and drinks before stopping in Amalfi, then in Positano where we did a little more shopping and exploring. Swimming in the Sea surrounded by so much beauty was so surreal.

As I write this and think about all of my favorite parts of our honeymoon, I have to say that the highlight of the trip was being with my husband. I’m so happy that we ended up leaving the kids with our parents and we didn’t wait to take our trip together like I had originally wanted. We had the opportunity to have date nights over and over again, he made me smile and laugh more than I ever have, and we had each others full attention. I can honestly say I fell in love with my husband all over again.

More on Italy and the wonderful food to come… 🙂


Storybook Gardens














Growing up, Storybook Gardens was always a place my family and I would visit during the summer months. Much has changed since then, but the smiles and laughter you hear around the garden has stayed the same. We took Ella with us for the first time and Owen got such a kick out of  showing her how he could jump on the trampoline, climb through pirate ships, and acrobat through the winding net climber. Ella fell fast asleep at one point which was the perfect time to take Owen on some of the rides like the swing, giant carpet ride and he took Rick on the Ferris Wheel. Once Ella woke up and we had lunch, we were off for more adventuring.

Despite their age difference the kids had so much fun together! They were sliding down slides, cooling off at the splash pad and at the end of the day, we took a train ride around the property as a family. Owen asked if we could come back the next day…. and the next day, haha! We just might have to!  I also want to take the kids to the Story Spook Village, its Halloween Trick or Treat in the Park! Tons of costumes characters, lighting displays, leaping lily pad under moonlight and amusement rides. They also have outdoor roller skating on weekends from 6:30-9:30pm!  I’m 100% planning to do with Rick for a date night, how fun would that be?? 🙂

For more information and to plan your next visit click here. 🙂

Caryl Baker Visage







Before heading off to our honeymoon in Italy, I was invited in to Caryl Baker Visage to experience their Signature Facial and it was exactly what my skin needed! Being a mom and trying to plan a wedding, my skin care kind of slipped to the bottom of my to-do list. I figured going in for a facial was time that I didn’t have, but after experiencing this treatment I was in and out in no time and Fran from Caryl Baker Visage London applied makeup so I was easily able to continue on with my day.

The 10-Step luxury facial is an advanced anti-aging treatment with natural beneficial botanicals including Coconut Milk, Camomile, Papaya, Apple, Bilberry, Kombucha, Green and white Teas with super antioxidants like Vitamin C. My favourite part was the 3D Biocellulose Mask, this three-layered intensive moisture mask regenerates and revitalizes the skin, and once removed, my skin felt as though I had been covered with a blanket of hydration. The days to follow, my skin glowed, it was so soft and hydrated, it was a great send off for our honeymoon.

I was also a little skeptical about having a facial in a mall instead of going to a private spa, but I have to say, as soon as I sat down in the private enclosed area I completely forgot I was even in a mall. It was actually quite convenient, Fran applied makeup and I had time to slip in to a few stores to grab some last minute honeymoon dresses.

Click here to find out more about the Signature Facial and other treatments they offer.