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The year that I was born, my parents purchased a time share in Pompano Beach, Fort Lauderdale.  My mom propped me up and took photos of me as a baby in every room of the home. She was so excited to be by the water with her new baby and I have to say it’s the same feeling I get when I bring my kids.  We didn’t bring Owen this time because he didn’t want to miss school. He’s my very responsible little man that the girls and I missed very much.

I spent the week putting one babe down for a nap and picking the next one up to play in the pool. They were both up incredibly early every morning (insert that monkey hiding his eyes emoji) and so we had first dibs at the ocean waves every morning. The girls waking me up at 5am would typically send me in to a mood lol but being there in the warmth and water made it all okay.

Some of you have told me you are headed to Fort Lauderdale for March break so I thought I’d put together a small list of our favourite restaurants in the area.

Our family favourite for food is Houstons. Right in Pompano Beach and it is located on the water. You can watch the boats go by and enjoy your meal with friends and family. They don’t have high chairs but you can bring in your stroller. The food for lunch and dinner is amazing!

For the kids I would suggest Mai-Kai Restaurant, especially if your girls are in to Moana. 😉 My little Ella is obsessed with that movie and she thought every girl working there was Moana! Lol! It was really cute. The food is good and you can walk around the Polynesian forest while you wait for the show to start.

Another restaurant we go to every year is the Pelican Grand Beach Resort restaurant. The back veranda is the perfect setting for a relaxing meal.

If you want to relax around the pool and take it easy the best seafood shop is The Fish Pedlar. You can grab fresh shucked oysters, shrimp and fish to cook at home.

Our life pretty much revolves around food, the pool and ocean while in Florida. If you have any other questions please feel free to comment below or email me at suzanne.e.toth@gmail.com 🙂

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