My Master Bedroom Retreat

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How nice it has been to wake up to this newly decorated space of mine. I feel like up to this point it was just a place for me to sleep, or not sleep because there’s a little one about to wake me up. Now, it feels like a place where I want to hang out, read a book, or watch a little tv.

I didn’t even notice the beautiful light that comes in my room until now. I have a new appreciation for that. My kids have been loving it too, mostly jumping in my bed and all over the pillows. 😉

The wallpaper I posted about over my Instagram is from ColoRaydecor. I absolutely fell in-love with it, had to have it, put it up, then received a bundle of msgs from you all telling me you’d like to color on it. Lol! I honestly, took a step back and thought, ahhhh shoot, my room is now a giant coloring book. Then I prayed that my kids wouldn’t use it as that. One day while I was visiting my grandma, my kids did take a permanent marker to my room and for their better judgement skipped my coloring book of a wall as if they made that decision that, that would be going too far.

My accent chair that the girls love hanging out in, is from Accents Home Furniture in London. It is so comfortable and I love the shade of blue. I think it looks perfect in this space. If you haven’t been in to Accents Home Furniture this store has everything to decorate your space. I have mentally decorated my house with all their furniture too many times. Lol. You will have seen a lot of their furniture in the dream houses here in London and in Bayfield.

The bedding, pillows and blankets are from Homesense. The floating shelves are from Structube and the area rugs are also from Homesense. All of which I had from our previous home, the only new pillows are the yellow ones. I’m really in to yellow right now.

I also added in some things my grandmother gave me the other day and the photo of Paris you see in my bathroom is a drawing I picked up while my Mother and I were visiting there last summer. Small personal touches that mean something to me.

I went back and forth on a ceiling fan or chandelier and although I prefer the look of a chandelier, now that I have had a ceiling fan, I’ve decided I cant go back. That will go up sometime soon.

So I think that’s it! Any questions, just comment below or send me a email. I’d be happy to answer them! 🙂


Mom and son getaway to Retro Suites Hotel


A few things that I want to remember from this trip…

Owen telling me how nice it was to be able to talk without one of the girls crying to be on my lap.

Racing Owen to the lobby of the hotel.

Him playing little pranks on me.

Our late-night hot chocolate run to the hotel restaurant in our pyjamas.

Staying up way too late watching movies.

Waking up way too early to watch cartoons.

What I’ve learned most is that him and I need to do this more often. Even if that means my mom taking the girl’s for a night and we stay in playing video games. This one on one time was for him, but it meant more to me than he will ever know.

If you’re looking for a perfect getaway for your family, your partner, or girls night in, Retro Suites is the place to be! This retro style boutique hotel is only an hour drive from London, offers amazing service, a great restaurant or room service and if you feel like leaving the hotel (which we haven’t yet!) there’s the theatre, aqua centre and brewery up the street.

If you didn’t have the chance to getaway this march break, there is still some availability if you want a night away. If I haven’t sold you already, kids eat free all month long! Yup, that’s breakfast, lunch or dinner! 🙂

Thank you for having us Retro Suites Hotel! This was just what we needed! 🙂

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