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Laundry day is practically every day in our home and the kicker is that it’s mostly the girls things that need washing. How do two tiny little humans go through so many clothes in a week? At first, I was trying to do everyone’s laundry on Sunday. I was spending hours folding laundry and missing out on family time, I decided I needed to put a better system in place for getting the dreaded laundry done. Here are my 7 tips that have helped me:

  1. Don’t try to do laundry all in one day, break it up throughout the week. I do everyone’s bedding on Sundays, the girl’s laundry on Mondays, the boy’s laundry on Tuesdays, and Wednesdays I do towels.
  2. Only wash laundry that you know you’ll have time to put away. This one has helped me a lot! If I can’t get through all the girls clothes that need to be washed, I will wash and fold the amount I know I’ll have time to fold and put away. This way I don’t feel disappointed that I didn’t get it all done and I haven’t thrown clean clothes on top of each other to start piling up again.
  3. Get your family involved. Obviously the girls are too little to help out ( I only have Ella in the pictures because she is so darn cute. 😉 ) my husband and son are perfectly capable of putting away their own laundry, so even if I clean and sort it for them, they put it away.
  4. Lose the sock. If I’ve done the laundry and I can’t find the pair to a sock, goodbye sock. Typically, the other half never shows up anyway. Where in the world do they go? Does anyone know? Lol! I’ve also recently started buying all the same coloured socks. This helps too!
  5. Ask for help. When Mia was born our bedroom quickly turned in to a disaster zone and clothes were everywhere. Don’t be afraid to ask a family member or friend for help with folding or if you feel up to it yourself, ask them to play with the kids and do it yourself. Most people will be happy to help and enjoy a little cuddle time with the new baby.
  6. In our home, we consciously make an effort to purchase non-toxic, all natural products that are safe for our family. When buying laundry detergent, it’s no different and that’s why we love The Honest Company Laundry Detergent
  7. The Honest Company Laundry Detergent is hypoallergenic, biodegradable, PH Balanced, perfect for babies and the entire family. It removes stubborn stains without discoloring our clothing and it doesn’t leave any chemical residue behind. The Honest Company also makes these awesome dryer cloths that can be used more than once, that are hypoallergenic and are made from plant-derived ingredients making them vegan friendly.

I hope some of these tips make your laundry days a little easier, and if all else fails, you can hire someone to put it away for you. It can be our little secret. 😉

Viamede Resort

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We celebrated our first week off of school at the wonderful Viamede Resort located a short drive away from Toronto on Stoney Lake and close to the Petroglyphs Provincial Park nature trails. Viamede is the perfect spot to leave the busyness of the city and all your electronics behind. The only time the kids used the iPad was for the drive.  There are so many things to do and everything around you promotes outdoor play, which makes unplugging for a few days easy!

We were all sad to be leaving and the chatter about our time at Viamede continues daily. Owen and our niece Abby spent the majority of their time in and out of the pools, swimming in the lake, taking turns on the paddle boards, and jumping around the water trampoline. Other times were spent playing Frisbee golf, checking out the farm animals and playing family board games night. We decided to leave Mia at home with my Mom and let Ella be the baby again for a few days. She had a blast being able to run and explore and eventually got to liking the sand and water. At first, she absolutely hated the feel of it and wouldn’t move from my lap. I on the other hand did not mind the extra cuddle time with my sweet girl.

The food at Viamede Resort is excellent and you never have to worry about your kids being too loud or fussy because many families have their kids and babies -they get it! Most of the time Ella would be darting off to find another baby to play with while we waited for our meal. The babies kept each other entertained until the food came and then all attention went to the table. I’m so glad they had delicious food that was also kid friendly too.

If you’re not in the mood to dine out you also have the option of having fresh food prepared for you to barbeque at your cottage. Rick and the kids had a picnic basket full of yummy food like steak, hotdogs, grilled veggies, and corn to enjoy by the water. On that particular evening, I was invited to enjoy a meal at Mt. Julian. I enjoyed a 7-course meal with wine pairing and the food was fantastic! I especially loved the smoked rainbow trout and the wild boar with blueberry horseradish jelly. While dining, I got to chat with the owner/manager/host/everything 😉 Ben. He literally has his hands in every part of this resort and it pays off, everything is run so smoothly.

On our last day, Ben offered to take us on a boat tour before it was time to head home. It was so relaxing little Ella and Abby fell asleep on my lap, it was so adorable! 🙂 As the kids slept, Ben gave us a little background on the area and how Viamede came to be. His passion for Viamede shines through his words and you can tell how proud he is of his resort. As we came back to shore, I took another glance around and completely knew why so many people come back to this place each year, it’s so calming.

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