Pizzeria Madre



Fun Fact: When I was younger, I was probably the only kid who didn’t get excited over pizza. My Dad would order one meat lovers, one vegetarian and I would rip all of the toppings off and eat just the dough with sauce on it. It used to drive my dad crazzzzzy. Lol! Some time during my college days I finally came around and now we eat pizza as a family once every couple of weeks.

Over the weekend I took my little family to Pizzeria Madre and I’m happy to report there was no ripping off of the toppings. In fact, it was the first time in a very long time that everyone sat nicely and quietly to eat their meal. Owen commented that this was his favourite pizza that he’s ever had! “Its so fresh” he told me, over and over again. Ella and Mia enjoyed it too and there were zero leftovers to take home.

My favourite though, the dessert! Tasty donuts and baked s’mores! I would honestly go back again just for the s’mores. 🙂

Pizzeria Madre has pizza for the adult taste buds that your kids will love too! Don’t take my word for it though, head on in to see for yourself. 🙂

Suzanne Toth

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