New Year Mindset and Moves By Andrea Merucci

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There is something so fresh and inspiring about the New Year and many people see it as an opportunity to set new goals and maybe tackle some old goals that didn’t get followed through on in previous years. No worries, the beautiful thing about a new day and a new year is you can always start again.

When trying something new, especially with fitness or setting new goals, mindset can make a huge difference in whether you will be successful or not. My number one tip I always give to my personal training clients is to ditch the all or nothing mindset. Many of us believe if we cannot do something perfect we will not even start at all or even attempt a new goal. Many of my clients have believed in the past that if they cannot workout for a full hour they will not see results. Why can’t we exercise for just 5 min a day to start? We need to break up our new goals into smaller manageable pieces. What is your big goal for the new year? Now take the big goal and break it down into smaller steps, now only start with one or two of those steps and do them daily. This is how you will build routine and then it will build into consistency then you will see achievement with your goals. We too often get caught up in the excitement of our new goals and forget to make realistic ones instead. So this year I challenge you to ditch the “all or nothing” attitude and just try to improve a little bit more each day. You will be amazed at where you will be by next year.

I have created this simple and straightforward mini workout for you to try. All you have to do is take the first step to propel you into something bigger and my wish for you is that this workout can inspire you to move more this year, day by day.


(1) Squats with Alternating Side Kicks

This is a great glute strengthening exercise with a cardio element built into it that will be sure to get you sweating and your heart pumping.

  • Get into a wide stance and bend your knees while keeping your chest lifted and extend your arms out in front of you.
  • As you lower you should be inhaling, then start to exhale as you come back up then as you stand kick out one leg to the side balancing on the other leg. Repeat again alternating back and fourth on both sides.

Complete 20 total kicks, 10 each side and repeat 2-3 times

(2) Alternating back lunges
This is another great exercise that focuses on the glutes, beginners should performed this exercise without weights and lower reps.

  • Standing with your legs shoulder width apart step backwards with your left leg allowing the left ball of your foot to land on the ground
  • Then bending your knee down towards the ground so that both your front right knee and left back knee are both at 90 degree angles, makes sure both knees are tracking in line with your toes.
  • Step your left foot forward to the starting position and repeat on the right leg.

Complete 20 repetitions total, 10 each side and repeat 2-3 times


(3) Side Plank Crunch
Not only does this exercise target your deep core muscles and obliques but it also targets your shoulders and arms.

  • To begin this exercise lay on your left side with your forearm directly below your shoulder, make sure your body is lifted and your hips are not sagging towards the floor. – – Body should be lifted and legs straight out or you can bend the bottom leg and rest on your knee for a modified position.
  • Then bring your top elbow and top knee together in a side crunching motion and continue to bring your knee and elbow together for the noted amount of reps.

Complete 20 repetitions total, 10 each side and repeat 2-3 times

(4) Glute Bridges or Hip Thrusts
This exercise is a must for all exercise routines it is great for glute and lower body strength but if you combine it with deep core breathing it can also be a core exercise as well.

  • Start by lying on your back with your knees bent and shoulder width apart, arms beside your body.
  • Inhale to prepare and as you start to exhale engage your core and press your hips all the way up engaging your glutes.
  • Hold for 2 secs and inhale as you lower your body back down to the floor.

Complete 20 repetitions and repeat 2-3 times

5)   Modified Push ups
Push ups focus on the the muscles in the chest and back and arms, it is a great exercise that many women and mothers can benefit from, especially if you are carrying children or infants for long periods of time

  • Start on all fours and have your hands directly below your shoulders and your knees should be behind your hips and your back is angled and in line with your neck. You should be looking slightly in front of you. As you bend your elbows to lower your body down, and inhale as you lower. Go as low as you can then exhale and push back to your starting position.

Complete 10 reps and repeat 2-3 times

Have an amazing year


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