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When Owen was born almost 7 years ago now ( yikes my baby is growing up 🙁 ) I had at that time switched all of my products over to a natural brand and used them until he was able to walk around on his two feet. Slowly but surely I’m ashamed to say that I went back to whatever chemical cleaner was on sale and I have used those ever since.

As soon as Ella started using our bath and crawling on our floors, I immediately started searching for natural products all over again. Luckily, I came across Over Clean a cleaning brand made in our very own London ON. and I sat down with the owner Stefanie Smith to hear more about her products. I learned that some cleaners you can buy in the stores that say “natural” aren’t and to be aware of that. I also got a rundown on how to use the products she had and as soon as she left I started testing them out for myself. Fast forward a couple months later and I’ve been using and loving the products. I don’t have to hold my breath while cleaning, worry about any harsh chemicals hurting my babies skin, or handling these cleaning products now that I’m pregnant again. (Yayyy!!)

My absolute favourites out of the line are the all purpose cleaner and the scrub and loose powder. The scrub and loose powder is like a vacuum that sucks all the dirt together in the toilet and it gets rid of any residue in the bathtub. The all-purpose is just that, I use it for everything and I love it! Also, all of these products have a soft amazing scent of citrus that is made from essential oils actual orange and lemon peel. So good!

Thanks Stefanie for helping me keep a healthier home for myself and my growing family!

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Suzanne Toth

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