Happy Mother's Day


I have always been an over-sharer, especially when it comes to sharing photos of my friends and family. I love capturing our moments and memories together. When I became a mom, this only increased my over-sharing. From the bottom of my heart, my husband and my children are my everything. I am so proud of them, I love showing them off, and I am their number one fan.

This being said, I think these photos and video created by Yellow Brick Road Photography is the most appropriate blog to post on Mother’s Day.

Going back to the day that these photos were taken, Ashley Bradley, the women behind the lens of Yellow Brick Road Photography, completely blew me away with how amazing she was with my children. Mia was only two weeks old, my house was a complete disaster and my kids were more wild than normal. I invited her in to our home and showed her to our master bedroom where we were going to be taking the photos. I had to apologize because the cover was still not on our duvet, the bed had not been made, I was still trying to get the kids ready and Mia was crying. She didn’t have to, but she immediately started helping me in any way that she could. She gave me a hand in making my bed, rounded up the children, and calmed me down while I fed Mia. Not too many photographers would have done that. She won us all over.

The photoshoot went far better than I could have imagined -even getting some amazing shots of my husband while he rushed home quickly from work to take a few photos with us. Before she left, she let the children pick out a treat from the toy box she brought with her and left a little treat of goodies for me to enjoy myself.

A couple sneak peaks and a week later, Ashley set up a Skype date with us to go over our gallery and to present to us a video that she had created of our special moments together.

Looking at all of these photos of my children and video captured, I couldn’t hold back the tears. I kept saying “my children are so beautiful”. To me, they are the most beautiful humans on the planet.

Our photoshoot with Ashley will be an experience that I’ll never forget.  The memories we have from it, I will cherish and over-share for the rest of my life.

Thank you again, Ashley!
Happy Mother’s Day! 🙂

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