Getting Wedding Ready


We are settling in quite nicely over at our house and slowly slipping in to somewhat of a routine. Ella and I have quiet time before bed which includes her last feed in her bedroom with the lights dimmed and that has helped wonders! It has also given me some time after to put Owen to bed at a good hour, get myself off to sleep before Ella wakes which has given more energy the following day for things such as getting ready for our wedding!

We have most of everything done from the venue, DJ to florist. The food and drinks were probably the most important thing to me so we did our tasting pretty early on and I couldn’t be more pleased with our menu. I have also signed up for personal training with my friend Cory Bannon of Fitclub Boot Camps in London, ON. He has me on a schedule of challenging interval training with a mix of traditional strength workouts that you would do in a regular gym setting. He also runs some pretty amazing bootcamps and if you want a little taste of what they offer check out their Instagram @fitclub_london or on Facebook.

I’ve also been taking really good care of my skin and using cold pressed coconut oil every time I get out of the shower mixed with Marcelle & Thyme Maternity’s Skin Care Line. I’ve mentioned before that when I switched over my face wash when I was pregnant to Consonant Skin Care that I’ve continued with it since Ella was born because I’ve been so pleased with how it removed all of my makeup and left my skin feeling fresh. After I cleanse, I have been using Marcelle & Thyme Maternitys face moisturizer, this is my favorite from the line. It calms my skin and it doesn’t irritate which is a big one for me.

As our big day comes closer, I’ll keep you posted on my workout process and what I’ve been doing to get wedding ready! If you would like to share with me what you did to get ready for your wedding, feel free to drop me a message at and I’ll share some of your tips with my readers! 🙂


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