End of summer bucket list

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These photos popped up over my facebook memories and I couldn’t help but think: where did that summer and this summer go?? Mia is one and a half, Ella is 2 and a half and Owen will be going in to grade 4 this year! I can hardly believe it!

This FB reminder makes me want to appreciate every last bit of whats left of our summer home together. It has been a busy summer and not as relaxing as this summer above. We have been unpacking and organizing for what feels like forever. I say we should take a break and leave some boxes for a week and enjoy this beautiful weather while its here.

I’m thinking we make a bucket list together for the rest of the summer. What do you think?

My end of summer bucket list:

  1. A walk through springbank park
  2. Take the kids to Storybook Gardens
  3. Beach day
  4. Try a new restaurant that we have not been to yet
  5. Have friends and family over for a bbq

Do you have anything on your summer bucket list of things to do before it ends?? x-0

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