Ella Rose Natural Coconut Bath

Health, Motherhood

It has been over a year since the launch of Baby Be Mine and I am blown away by the positive response it has received. Your emails and messages about how Baby Be Mine has helped with your little one’s dry skin, to helping with cradle cap and even stretch marks. I have been on cloud 9 reading all of the great feedback and you have me walking on clouds, I’m so happy you love it!

When I thought about expanding the line and what I would do next, I got stopped in my tracks after noticing that there were so many other women who were in much need of a moment to self-care and relaxation that instead of expanding Baby Be Mine, I wanted to create a sister line for every woman named after my daughters Ella Elaine and Mia Rose.

The daily stresses of life at any stage, whether it be school, your job, or family life, can all be overwhelming at times and often we put everything else before ourselves. My hope with this line is that you will take some time to self-love and self-care. Spoon a heap of Ella Rose in to your bath, wait for the angels to start singing then dive in.

This line is dedicated to you. Shop Ella Rose by visiting www.babybemine.ca



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