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Before heading off to our honeymoon in Italy, I was invited in to Caryl Baker Visage to experience their Signature Facial and it was exactly what my skin needed! Being a mom and trying to plan a wedding, my skin care kind of slipped to the bottom of my to-do list. I figured going in for a facial was time that I didn’t have, but after experiencing this treatment I was in and out in no time and Fran from Caryl Baker Visage London applied makeup so I was easily able to continue on with my day.

The 10-Step luxury facial is an advanced anti-aging treatment with natural beneficial botanicals including Coconut Milk, Camomile, Papaya, Apple, Bilberry, Kombucha, Green and white Teas with super antioxidants like Vitamin C. My favourite part was the 3D Biocellulose Mask, this three-layered intensive moisture mask regenerates and revitalizes the skin, and once removed, my skin felt as though I had been covered with a blanket of hydration. The days to follow, my skin glowed, it was so soft and hydrated, it was a great send off for our honeymoon.

I was also a little skeptical about having a facial in a mall instead of going to a private spa, but I have to say, as soon as I sat down in the private enclosed area I completely forgot I was even in a mall. It was actually quite convenient, Fran applied makeup and I had time to slip in to a few stores to grab some last minute honeymoon dresses.

Click here to find out more about the Signature Facial and other treatments they offer.

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Shopping and a facial? Sign me up!!


I love their cosmetics! I can’t wait to try a facial now too–that sounds amazing!


Did they do your lashes too?? look amazing, Im looking for a place in your area!


did they do your lashes too?? need to find a place in london for this!