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Life isn’t always perfect. You will have good days, bad days, and even sometimes bad weeks, but if you try to learn from even the bad times I think thats important. This week was one of those weeks that was one of the scariest I’ve had in my life. Luckily for me, the lumps they found in my breasts were NON cancerous and I thank God for that.

The day that I went in to find out the results, was the only day I really felt at peace. I had a little moment where I envisioned myself as a grandmother and I had a grandchild on my lap and I was showing them photos of their mom and said “Look how cute your Mom was!” to them. The rest of the day was just as magical. Mia had some beautiful light surrounding her all day as if it was a sign for me to know everything was okay and there was someone watching over me. I kept Owen home too because I wasn’t sure what the next Doctors appointment would hold and I wanted to have him with me before I found out. I was able to hear him clearer. I’m always listening to his stories and ideas he has but I heard him more clearly. I was more present in every word he said.

That’s what I want to take from all of this. Being present. Listening and reallllllly listening to what my kids have to say. The present is something we can’t get back and I never ever want to take it for granted. x0

Suzanne Toth

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