Booking with Next Vacay


You guys!!! I can’t believe that my Mom and I leave for Paris this Friday!! We’ve been so excited and sending texts to each other every day about what we want to do, see, and visit while there. All of your suggestions over Instagram have been very helpful and we have a list of “must-sees” including The Palace of Versailles, The Eiffel Tower, Monet House and The Louvre Museum.

Many of you have asked how we scored such a great price on roundtrip tickets and the answer is Next Vacay! I first came across this site over Instagram, the images caught my eye and so did the service. Next Vacay is a $25 per year membership service that sends you emails of the best priced flights from top vacation destinations flying out of the airport closest to you.

So far, I have received deals to Tokyo, Australia, Los Angeles, Belize, Texas, and PARIS!!! All with either direct flights or one-stop flights to get you to your destination as quickly as possible. With the time and money we’re saving with this service, we have also planned a one-night getaway to visit my friend in Hungary! My Dad’s side of the family is originally from Hungary, so this is a special treat for me to see where they came from.

If you’re interested in learning more about Next Vacay, head on over to their website to see some of the locations their members have been flying to.

4 more sleeps until Paris!! xoxo

End of summer bucket list

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These photos popped up over my facebook memories and I couldn’t help but think: where did that summer and this summer go?? Mia is one and a half, Ella is 2 and a half and Owen will be going in to grade 4 this year! I can hardly believe it!

This FB reminder makes me want to appreciate every last bit of whats left of our summer home together. It has been a busy summer and not as relaxing as this summer above. We have been unpacking and organizing for what feels like forever. I say we should take a break and leave some boxes for a week and enjoy this beautiful weather while its here.

I’m thinking we make a bucket list together for the rest of the summer. What do you think?

My end of summer bucket list:

  1. A walk through springbank park
  2. Take the kids to Storybook Gardens
  3. Beach day
  4. Try a new restaurant that we have not been to yet
  5. Have friends and family over for a bbq

Do you have anything on your summer bucket list of things to do before it ends?? x-0

Thomas Waite of The In Home Chef crashes our unpacking party

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I was hoping to have some before and after photos by now but unpacking, organizing and decorating a house with babies is taking a bit more time then expected. :/ It’ll get there…until then, here are some photos from our “Unpacking Party” featuring food from Thomas Waite, Chef and owner of The In Home Chef. He surprised our family and friends by dropping off some yummy food, treats and smoothies for us to enjoy and to keep our helpers happy!

Thomas has to be one of my favourite chefs because he has the biggest heart! If you haven’t had the pleasure of eating his food at one of his catered events, you may have sampled some of his dishes at model home openings and charity events. He also puts on cooking classes and it just so happens he will be putting together a cooking class for myself and my little dinner group I’ve put together here in London! 🙂 There is still time to join in on the fun if you’re interested! 🙂

Little by little things are slowly coming together over here. We are so in love with this area, the neighbours, the bakery, the parks and trails!! If we ever move again, it would be to a bigger lot, but same area. I can’t even imagine moving again after all of this, and we may need more helpers… at least I’ll know where to get the food if we do. 🙂

To  book The In Home Chef for your next event visit



Baby Be Mine

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I don’t think Ive stopped smiling since Saturday morning! I woke up to my friends msgs and reposted images that Jillian Harris had shared Baby Be Mine over her Instagram. My mouth dropped, I rewatched the video she posted about 5 times, then I cried. I am so overwhelmed by the positive response my all natural coconut bath has received, I am so grateful to all the shops and mamas that have supported me along the way, and very thankful to my family for all their encouragement. 2 years in, I am so proud of where Baby Be Mine has come and I am equally excited to see where it will go!

When I first launched Baby Be Mine I would carefully plan out orders between naps and feedings. There were moments of doubt but usually in those moments of doubt I had something or someone that gave me a boost to push through.

If you’re a small business owner too, know I’m in your corner, and if you haven’t heard it lately, you are doing GREAT! 🙂

x0x0 Suzanne

Above are photos from my very first photo shoot for Baby Be Mine. I was pregnant with baby Mia and Ella was crawling around and looking adorable as always. 🙂 Thank you to Tara West for taking these incredible photos. I will cherish them always. x0