Come say hi this weekend!

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For those of you who have been looking to try out Baby Be Mine I will be popping up twice this weekend in the Toronto area! 🙂

Saturday I will a vendor at The Bump to Baby Show along with some other amazing vendors! This show is taking place at The Riverdale Hub 1326 Gerrad St East from 9:30am-3:30pm. You can buy tickets ahead of time by clicking HERE.

Sunday I will be a guest at Pottery Barn Sherway, 25 The West Mall, Toronto.  Come say hi and pick up my Baby Be Mine gift sets. I will be there from 1pm-5pm.

I hope you all have a lovely weekend and I look forward to seeing you! 🙂

Before you turn 8




The first thing that Owen said to me this morning was “Mom. This is the last day that I will be 7!” I almost cried. How can this be that 8 years have gone by when it feels like it was yesterday that he was placed in my arms.

Looking back on all the photos above brings back so many memories of our times together. When Owen was born everything about me changed. I was a completely new “me”. This precious little life sparked something in me that I never knew existed, love that I never could have imagined and this little human came first before all.

From the beginning, Owen really had me fooled in to thinking I had this whole Mom thing figured out. At a very early age he was sleeping through the night, he never went through a terrible teething stage…a terrible two stage… there was nothing terrible about being his mom. I stayed at home with him that first year never wanting to be away from him. The only night I can remember going out is for my birthday, other than that, all I wanted was to be with him.

Moving on to ages two and three my life turned in to creating the most amazing forts and building ramps for his trucks and cars.

When he first started kindergarten, I cried… I never let him see me cry but boy did I miss him. Grade 1 was hard, that year we experienced a “bully” and a really mean teacher. I say “we” because as a parent, you ever feel an enormous amount of pain for what your child is going through. Grade 2 was the year of rebuilding his little spirit and regaining faith that school was a fun place. Owen had an amazing teacher and I know she is 100% the reason he has an excellent start this year in grade 3.

Owen is my first true love, the one that stole my heart completely, he is an old soul and an incredibly loving brother. I’ll never know exactly what I did to deserve him, but every day I am so proud to be his MOM.

Happy 8th birthday my sweet boy! We love you forever and always. X0x



Blanket The Country - Urban Barn



We have so many things to be grateful for one of many things being the comfort of warmth and shelter. This year I am working with Urban Barn to help promote their #BlanketTheCountry campaign. Head in to your local Urban Barn or visit their website to donate $5 for a brand new fleece blanket to someone in need in our community. Since 2012 Urban Barn has donated 58,000 blankets to shelters across Canada. Let’s help them reach their goal of 73,000 this year! ❤️ #MyUrbanBarn

Baby Be Mine - 6 months in!

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I wanted to say a quick “Thank you!” to all who came out to celebrate Baby Be Mine yesterday. I had been wanting to do a “official launch” party but getting the business up and running plus taking care of my babies took priority. Six months in, we finally had the chance to celebrate! 🙂

A THANK YOU goes out to Blu Duby for creating a memorable afternoon for us. I appreciated all the effort that went it to helping me set up the perfect spot for my product launch and for putting up with a bunch of little ones running around. 😉 I know this isn’t the typical kid hang out and I was very pleased with how the staff made everyone feel welcome.

Biggest Thank You has to go out to my husband. There is no way that I would have been able to follow my dreams and create this line without his behind the scenes help. He created my website, business cards,  he steps in with the kids when I need him to. He helps me with all of the book keeping and sales. He continuously supports me and drops whatever he is doing to help me first. I’m completely grateful for you hunny!

Thank you EVERYONE! 🙂