Blanket The Country - Urban Barn



We have so many things to be grateful for one of many things being the comfort of warmth and shelter. This year I am working with Urban Barn to help promote their #BlanketTheCountry campaign. Head in to your local Urban Barn or visit their website to donate $5 for a brand new fleece blanket to someone in need in our community. Since 2012 Urban Barn has donated 58,000 blankets to shelters across Canada. Let’s help them reach their goal of 73,000 this year! ❤️ #MyUrbanBarn

Baby Be Mine - 6 months in!

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I wanted to say a quick “Thank you!” to all who came out to celebrate Baby Be Mine yesterday. I had been wanting to do a “official launch” party but getting the business up and running plus taking care of my babies took priority. Six months in, we finally had the chance to celebrate! 🙂

A THANK YOU goes out to Blu Duby for creating a memorable afternoon for us. I appreciated all the effort that went it to helping me set up the perfect spot for my product launch and for putting up with a bunch of little ones running around. 😉 I know this isn’t the typical kid hang out and I was very pleased with how the staff made everyone feel welcome.

Biggest Thank You has to go out to my husband. There is no way that I would have been able to follow my dreams and create this line without his behind the scenes help. He created my website, business cards,  he steps in with the kids when I need him to. He helps me with all of the book keeping and sales. He continuously supports me and drops whatever he is doing to help me first. I’m completely grateful for you hunny!

Thank you EVERYONE! 🙂