Mia's Birth Story


From the moment we found out we were pregnant with Mia I felt a sense of inner peace. She was my “peace baby”.  My pregnancy with Mia was wonderful and the greatest gift that I could have asked for.

The night before she was born, Rick and I had just gone to bed and as I fell in to a deeper sleep I woke up to feel a trickle of water. You’d think my first reaction would be that my water broke, but instead I thought that I must have wet the bed. I tried to lay back down and, while still in denial, the contractions came. I told myself, its just Braxton Hicks contractions… I mean, I had just been to the doctor and she had told me that Mia was FOR SURE not coming any time soon so this couldn’t be the real thing. Could it?!

I tried to go back to bed for a little while longer but my mind started to wonder, what if I was going into labor? I would have to get to the hospital. With that, I woke my husband and called my mother to come and look after Owen and Ella while we went to be assessed at the hospital. Sure enough, when we arrived at the hospital I was 5-6cm dilated and my water had broken.

We were admitted at around 2:30am.  Nine hours later, I gave birth to Mia Rose Reaume. The night was very long but the moments leading up to before she was born were surreal. I had three contractions to work through until she was born and in between the contractions, the doctor, nurse, Rick and I were looking out the windows and talking about the weather. I even spoke up and said “How are we talking about the weather right now?” Our doctor apologized and I then laughed and said no- no need, this is peaceful.   I may have even used the word “zen” lol (which I’ve never used in my life)… but it was.

After the third contraction she was placed on my chest and a sweet cry came from her lungs. I had been praying to hear her cry as she was preterm and the NICU would have to take her away to be looked at if she didn’t. Her voice, at that moment, was the most beautiful sound I could have ever heard.

She was more gorgeous than I could have imagined and also much smaller. She is the teeniest and tiniest of my babies yet I was the biggest I have ever been pregnant. Almost lost in her hospital nightgown she was our tinniest but you couldn’t miss the fact that she was healthy and strong. That was all I could have asked for.

Later that day my Mom brought Owen and Ella to see their baby sister for the first time. I have never seen Owen so proud! Immediately he asked if he could hold her, then for me to take a photo to show his classmates. He held her for awhile, kissed her a million times and named her “peanut”. Our sweet Ella, all of a sudden, looked older.  She wasn’t a baby anymore; she had turned into a toddler and now, a big sister.  Ella held the baby for a little then let me take the baby back as she maneuvered herself to sitting on my lap. Ella and I ate my hospital food and cuddled for the rest of the visit.

We had to stay in the hospital for a couple extra days just to keep an eye on Mia but she made great strides and even “made records” as the nurse said, putting on weight which is usually the opposite. After our final check in with the doctor, we were sent home—now a family of 5! J

What I want to remember about Mia…

The peacefulness of the way she sleeps.

When she is awake, the look she has when she studies my face.

Her coos, her little gas smiles, and her giggles.

Her long lovely fingers that barely wrap around mine.

Her beautiful brown hair, and her lovely hazel eyes.

Her long slender feet, and her sweet belly button.

The way I feel about her, I love her right down to my soul.


The dresses everyone asks about…


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