The Perfect Gift

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When JORD wood watches approached me to promote a watch from their line, I looked through all of their womens and mens watches and as much as I would have loved one for myself, I knew this would be a perfect gift that I could give to Rick. Rick loves anything uniquely different from the rest and it was sort of a win-win as I was in the market for a gift for my hubby. I wanted to give him a little “thank you” gift for everything that he does for me and our family– he is our rock and shows us how much he loves us each day, we never go unloved. He is amazing!

We searched through their mens line and quickly found one that stood out to him. When the watch arrived, it was perfectly packaged, you can tell the thought JORD puts in to every detail of their products.





You can find Ricks JORD watch here and a few other mens watches that we liked… here, here and here.

A few womens watches that I love.. here, here and here.

JORD is also running a contest for one lucky winner to receive a $75 e-gift certificate to their store, you can enter here, and just for entering, you will automatically receive a $20 e-gift card sent right to your email.



Clovermead Adventure Farm












A couple of weeks ago, Rick and I took the kids along with Owens best buddy Asher to Clovermead Adventure Farms for some fun before school began. Owen had been once on a field trip and thats how I found out about this place, he couldn’t stop talking about it! We aren’t originally from London and I’m still discovering fun things to do with family around the city and I have to tell you… this place is a gem!!

Owen and Asher took the lead and had a blast bouncing on the jumping pillow, racing through the mazes, timing each other climbing the rock wall and  cooling off in the mist maze. Ella and I visited the animals around the farm and I wish I had captured all the expressions she had that day, she was in heaven!! She loves all animals and there were baby kittens in the barn with their mother–I completely melted! 🙂

Aside from how much effort Clovermead has put in to making this a great place for kids and their families, what I appreciated most was how easy and accessible the washroom area was. They had a great big washroom around the one side that I could easily fit my stroller in to and a seating area just outside where I had space to feed Ella and then get back to playing with the big kids. This is such a big one for me and makes such a difference for parents with little ones.

Rick’s favourite part was spending time with the Beekeeper!  He was like a little child asking a million questions, he was in his element! The Bee Keeper opened up a beehive which was really interesting, and took a male bee out to show the kids what they looked like up close. BTW I thought I would be so uncomfortable being around so many bees but HONESTLY there must be something in the air where they don’t feel like bothering you, or getting too close, they must be just happy to be at the bee farm and leave you to be in peace.

On our way out, we sampled a few different varieties of honey and honey spreads before picking our favourites to take home. We had such a great experience and can’t wait to go back! We just found out they have a pumpkin festival so we will definitely be back for that, too!

To find out more about Clovermead, visit them at